Bed Bug Control Phoenix

Expert Bed Bug Extermination

Bed Bug Control PhoenixBed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of. They spread unbelievably fast and are easily reintroduced into a home or business. Their name comes from their favorite hiding and feeding place, your bed. These insects like warm places and their diet consists of blood so sharing a bed with these critters is not in your favor. You can check for bed bugs in your mattress by looking for small, black specks, similar to black pepper. Another sign of bed bugs is small blood stains from them being squished under your mattress. And bed bugs do bite so if you have tiny, red and itchy bumps on your skin that can be a sure-fire sign of bed bugs.

No one wants these tiny insects living in their bed and feasting on their blood every night. And that is why Anteater Exterminating Inc. has made bed bug control our business. We know where they live, how they spread, and how to treat them. We have the experience to know how often you will need bed bug treatment. Contact us today for swift bed bug extermination.

Bed Bugs Require Professional Treatment

They spread very quickly. Not only do bed bugs reproduce almost overnight, they spread from room-to-room and person-to-person. The inability to contain bed bugs once they’re present is what makes them a challenge. Because of their capacity to spread so quickly, they require quick, professional treatment to get rid of. Through a combination heat treatment and/or target chemical application, we’ll create an environment that ends bed bugs fast. Our professional exterminators are educated and well-trained to handle any pest control problem you have, and bed bugs are no different. Our team of technicians will safely and effectively rid your home or business of bed bugs for good.

The Difficulties Of Bed Bugs

  • No way to monitor if and when they are in your home
  • Small size makes visual inspection difficult
  • Eggs are undetectable and can cause re-infestation
  • Bed bugs hide when they are digesting a meal
  • Little information on the behavior of bed bugs
  • Treatment needs to be 100% complete
  • Difficult to determine the source of an infestation
  • Difficult to notice in the beginning
  • Bed bugs move very quickly from location to location
  • Can be transferred on clothing

Commercial Bed Bug Control Phoenix

Exterminate Bed BugsIt is important to have your commercial bed bug treatment done by a company who understands and specializes in bed bug control. Especially for dormitories, apartment complexes, hotels, and others in the hospitality industry, you will need ongoing treatment. Our commercial bed bug professionals are OPM certified technicians with specific training in bed bug extermination. We know how to identify the hiding places of these insects, what type of bed bug treatment to apply, and where. We can create a treatment plan customized to your business and needs. In addition to offering excellent extermination processes, we will also help you and your staff understand the best ways to decrease the spread of bed bugs. Having everyone on board with a plan will help reduce and minimize future outbreaks.

Anteater Exterminating Inc. never does a job partially. We care about our clients and strive to maintain our five star customer satisfaction rating. For over 24 years our team has been providing Phoenix residents with the best pest control service in the area. When you need help call your local, professional pest control company. We are always ready to help!