Bed Bug Extermination Avondale

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Bed Bug Extermination Avondale
Bed bugs aren’t your average insect. Once they get embedded in a property, it can be very difficult to get them out. The earlier the problem is diagnosed the faster you can get relief.

That’s why as soon as you suspect the presence of bed bugs you should seek the bed bug extermination and pest control services in Avondale relies on Anteater Exterminating Inc. has been exterminating local bed bugs for over 20 years.

Our experts get results. That’s because we’ve got the experience you’re looking for.

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Our technicians are trained by the Office of Pest Management, receiving certifications in the identification, prevention, and elimination of bed bugs. Without certified bed bug extermination, Avondale property owners may experience some of the worst symptoms of bed bugs.

These include itchy red welts, allergic symptoms, psychological problems, and potential exposure to diseases like Chagas. When delaying bed bug extermination, Avondale residents may spread the infestation to the homes of neighbors, relatives, and friends. Look for these signs if you suspect an infestation.

Look for these signs of bed bugs.

What do bed bugs look like?
 Bed bugs are flat insects with bodies shaped like oval pancakes. They are red to brown in color, and typically between a 16th and 18th of an inch long.

Where do bed bugs live? 
In addition to the usual places beneath and in the creases of mattresses, bed bugs like warm areas. This includes heaters, electronics, and outlets.

Blood on the mattress from bed bugs. 
A sure sign is the presence of blood splatter on sheets or beneath the mattress. This occurs when occupants crush recently fed bed bugs.

Bed bug casings and moltings. 
Egg casings are tiny. At just 1mm in length, they are pearly white. Dry exoskeleton husks may also be present as bed bugs mature.

What do bed bug feces look like on sheets? 
This is typically found in the creases of mattresses. It will appear to look like ground pepper.

We use the most reliable bed bug extermination methods.

Bed Bug Extermination Avondale AZWe never recommend customers use over-the-counter bed bug exterminating remedies. These are often toxic, and may not actually work. Bed bugs are resistant to specific pesticides.

Commercial applications from experts ensure the safest methods are used. Using the right pesticide in the right areas also increases the chance of success. That’s why we use integrated and standard methods. This may include:

Vacuuming – Not just any vacuum will do. We use closed system commercial grade vacuums that don’t allow bed bugs to escape. We’ll permanently dispose of them in an off-site facility where they cannot spread.

Inorganic Materials – The right materials can damage insect exoskeletons. We’ll strategically apply these around the home. This dries out and kills the insects once their skeletons have been lacerated.

Heat Treatments – Steaming pairs well with vacuuming, and we may use more aggressive treatments depending on the extent and severity of the infestation.

We’ll perform a thorough diagnosis before beginning, and consult with you before starting bed bug extermination. With the right methods, we’re confident we can help you take back your property.

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We’ve been eliminating bed bugs since 1995. Our whole team is dedicated to remaining on the forefront of extermination efforts. This allows us to affordably provide the best cutting edge bed bug treatments. We don’t stop there though. Our certified technicians can help you avoid future outbreaks.

We can train your employees in methods to prevent bed bugs and reduce their spread. This is particularly useful for commercial businesses. With a single meeting, you can provide your team with the knowledge to provide active bed bug prevention.

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