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Bed Bug Treatment in GlendaleBed bugs are an increasing threat. Once they take hold, it can be extremely difficult to remove them without professional help.

The earlier you detect a problem, the greater the chance it can be quickly exterminated. That’s why the second you see signs of bedbugs, you want the bed bug extermination and pest control service that Glendale, AZ trusts.

Anteater Exterminating Inc. has been the first line of defense against bed bugs for over 2 decades. Our exterminators get results. That’s because we aren’t just skilled, we’re certified.

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Our exterminators receive comprehensive training from the Office of Pest Management. The certification process allows them to identify bed bugs, prevent their spread, and correctly eliminate infestations.

If they aren’t exterminated, homeowners may suffer from these symptoms of bed bugs—psychological distress, red welts, allergies, and potential exposure to infections that include Chagas. When they put off bed bug treatments, homeowners may spread the infestation to the homes of friends, neighbors, and relatives. These signs can help with identification, so you can act early.

What are the most common bed bug infestation signs?

How do bed bugs look? 
Bed bugs are flat and oval shaped. They are 1/16th to 1/18th inches long and colored from red to red/brown.

Where are bed bugs hiding? 
Look for bed bugs beneath and around mattresses. They also hide in warm areas like outlets, electronics, and heaters.

Blood spots from bed bugs. 
Blood spots may be found on sheets and mattresses. After bed bugs feed on human blood they are often crushed beneath sleeping occupants.

What does a bed bug egg look like? 
Growing bed bugs leave molted shells behind. Small white eggs are roughly 1mm in length.

Is that bed bug poop? 
Feces is often found in mattress creases and looks like ground pepper.

What does the bed bug extermination process include?

We never recommend store-bought solutions to our customers. These are often toxic, and may not even impact the problem. Some bed bug varieties are resistant to a range of pesticides. Our technicians only use correctly applied commercial products.

This increases our rate of success and occupant safety. We use specific methods and products in the places where they will be most effective and leave the smallest footprint behind. These may include:
Bed Bugs

We vacuum for bed bugs. – We use high-grade, commercial vacuums that are designed for bug removal. These trap insects and do not have openings where they can escape. We remove any captured bed bugs and safely dispose of them off-site.

Powder treatments for bed bugs. We’ll apply inorganic materials that are particularly harmful to bed bugs. Strategic placements of this material cause lacerations to the exoskeletons of bed bugs. This will dry them out and kill them.

Killing bed bugs with heat. Heat is one of the most effective ways to kill bed bugs, but it has to be extremely high, or very high and sustained. Steam is traditionally used, but more aggressive heat treatments may be necessary.

Every bed bug extermination begins with a diagnosis and consultation. We’re happy to answer any questions before starting work, and will explain methods and any safety concerns before beginning. With our mixture of standard and integrated methods, treatments are customized for your property.

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We’ve been eliminating bed bugs in Glendale, AZ since 1995. Remaining up to date on the latest control and extermination methods has allowed our team to use the safest and most effective methods at all times. We don’t stop there though. Our technicians can teach you the very prevention methods we use.

Proactive prevention is an excellent way to keep yourself free of bed bugs. This is especially useful for commercial businesses that deal with multiple living units. Just one meeting can accommodate your staff, and pay for itself with the prevention of a single infestation.

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