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Bed Bug Extermination GoodyearBed bugs are an aggressively spreading parasitic insect. They get from one location to another by hitchhiking.

Small enough to hide in an outlet, it’s easy for one to stow away in luggage or an electronic device. The best response to a potential infestation is a fast reaction. A professional diagnosis can provide proof of positive confirmation.

Anteater Exterminating Inc. has been a trusted local source for bed bug extermination or pest service control, Goodyear residents have relied on for over 20 years.

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Our technicians have been trained and certified in bed bug identification, prevention, and elimination by the Office of Pest Management. Without certified bed bug extermination, Goodyear home and business owners may experience some negative symptoms.

Bed bugs require blood to survive.

When victims are sleeping, bed bugs bite and drink from areas of exposed skin. This can cause psychological problems, rashes, allergic symptoms, welts, and even exposure to Chagas.

When they delay bed bug treatment, Goodyear property owners may spread an infestation further. These infestations will typically occur at the homes of family and friends. This encourages the cycle to continue. If you suspect an infestation, look for these signs.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Appearance – Pancake shaped and flat, bed bugs can hide almost anywhere. They are reddish to red-brown in color and 1/16th to 1/18th of an inch.

Hiding Places – Bed bugs are named this because they like to hide under and around mattresses. Don’t think this is the only place they hide. These insects like to stay warm. This makes heaters, electronics, and outlets particularly appealing. They are even small enough to hide beneath tearing wallpaper.

Blood Splatter – After a feeding, bed bugs go back to hiding. Since most victims don’t notice the bed bugs they often continue sleeping. This leads to rolling over and crushing the bugs, releasing and causing blood stains on sheets and the mattress.

Casings and Moltings – Hatching bugs leave behind 1mm long pearly white egg casings. When they grow older they molt and leave behind shed exoskeletons.

Feces – This is easiest to find in the creases and corners of a mattress. It will appear like ground pepper.

Our bed bug extermination methods are proven to work.

Over-the-counter remedies are not advisable for bed bug control. These are frequently toxic and may not have the intended effect.

Bed bugs have gained resistance to certain pesticides, and commercial grade application will ensure the right areas are reached and the application is performed as safely as is available. Our multi-tiered extermination methods utilize standard and integrated methodology. This increases their effectiveness and success rates. Some of these include:

Bed Bug Extermination Goodyear AZ
Vacuuming – Paired with other methods, vacuuming can be incredibly reliable. Our commercial grade vacuums are specifically made to pull insects in without allowing them the opportunity to escape. We’ll provide correct, off-site, permanent disposal.

Inorganic Materials – Insect exoskeletons can be damaged by certain materials. We know how to apply these correctly to lacerate a bed bugs protective layer. This keeps them from holding in moisture, causing them to dry out and die.

Heat Treatments – Paired with vacuuming, steaming can be an effective method for safe control. Depending on the nature of the infestation, more aggressive heat treatment may be advisable. Our use of multiple methods provides the best opportunity for complete extermination.

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We’ve been providing relief from bed bugs since 1995. We work tirelessly to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in extermination methods. This allows us to provide the best treatments at affordable prices. Our certified technicians don’t just treat your existing problem though, we can help you prevent future outbreaks.

Our technicians are trained and can train your employees in bed bug reduction and prevention methods. This can be especially effective for commercial businesses. Just one meeting can go a long way towards reducing the likelihood of re-infestation.

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