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Do you need a bed bug exterminator?

Bed Bug Extermination in Scottsdale AZEven the mention of bed bugs can be enough to cause goosebumps. These parasitic insects spread very fast.

That’s because they breed quickly and will travel from one area to the next in luggage and other transportable personal items. Acting fast is the best way to head off an infestation early.

Anteater Exterminating Inc. is your source for bed bug extermination and pest control service that Scottsdale home and business owners rely on.

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Our technicians are certified and specifically trained by the Office of Pest Management in prevention, identification, and elimination techniques. You may experience some nasty symptoms without certified bed bug extermination.

Bed bugs feed on humans to survive.

When victims sleep the bugs draw blood through the exposed skin. These bites can lead to rashes, welts, allergic symptoms, psychological problems, and even exposure to Chagas.

If you delay bed bug extermination or other pest control, you may accidentally help an infestation spread. This most often occurs between family and friends, keeping a cycle going and creating a new infestation. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, look for these indications.

How do I know if I have bed bugs?

What do they look like? Bed bugs have flat oval-shaped bodies. Coloring rests between brick red and brown. They are sized between one-sixteenth and one-eighteenth of an inch.

Where do they hide? Bed bugs are commonly found around and underneath bed mattresses. This isn’t the only place they’re found. These insects like warm places, so check in and around heaters, outlets, and electronic devices.

Why is there blood on my mattress? Once they are full from feeding, bed bugs return to hiding. They frequently get crushed on sheets and beneath mattresses. Blood splatter on these areas is a good indicator.

What do their eggs look like? Bed bugs go through several stages. Eggs are small and pearly white. As they hatch and grow they leave molted exoskeletons behind.

Is that bed bug waste? Described as looking like ground up black pepper, feces is easiest to spot in the corners and creases of a mattress.

We use the best bed bug control methods.

Bed BugWhen it comes to bed bug extermination, over the counter methods are at your own risk. Performing your own extermination puts your home and safety in peril. Certain treatments may be toxic, and some aren’t even effective. Bed bugs respond to different methodology, and we take a multi-tiered approach when exterminating them. With our bed bug treatment, we use integrated and standard methods to improve the success of our extermination efforts. Just some of the methods we may use include:

Vacuuming – In conjunction with additional methods, vacuuming can be very effective. We don’t use regular vacuums though. Our commercial grade equipment is designed to pull in insects without allowing them to escape. We’ll dispose of them off-site in a safe manner.

Inorganic Materials – Insect exo-skeletons are vulnerable to certain materials. When correctly applied these cause lacerations to the bugs that prevent them from maintaining moisture. This causes them to dry up and die.

Heat Treatments – These are often paired with vacuuming. Depending on the nature of the infestation we may recommend steaming or a more aggressive heat treatment method. Mixing approaches provides an improved success rate.

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We’ve been ridding clients of their bed bugs since 1995. We work hard to stay on the cutting edge of methodology to provide our clients with the best service. Our certified technicians don’t just use the safest methods available, we’ll help train you to prevent future outbreaks.

This is a valuable service for commercial businesses in need of bed bug extermination. Our technicians can schedule a staff meeting that covers safety and prevention methods. This single meeting can help to dramatically reduce the chance of a re-occurrence.

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