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Bee Control Avondale AZBees present multiple problems when they take up residence near human habitations.

Some bee types don’t even need to be provoked in order to sting a human, and for people with allergies, these stings can even be fatal.

Bees also often take up residence inside of homes. They’ve been found in walls, attics, chimneys, and more.

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There is a wide range of bees that call Arizona home. One of the most dangerous of these is the Africanized Honey Bee. There might not be a difference in venom between them and a honey bee, but they make up for it with ferocity.

These bees are naturally aggressive and will pursue a target further, bringing in the whole hive. This can be a large danger for anyone with pets or children. Our bee removal technicians in Avondale begin every bee removal with identification.

It can be difficult for an untrained eye to know which bees are dangerous. Because of this, we always recommend you let a professional handle any bee problems.

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When you’re dealing with an infestation, bee removal in Avondale is your best choice. Depending on the environment type, there are a wide variety of bees you may encounter. Hive location is critical to bee removal and helps us to determine the best treatment methods and course of action. Just some of the bees we have dealt with in Arizona include:

Long-horned Bees – Males of this species have long antennae and long bodies, they nest in the ground.

Squash Bees – These are small, brownish and honeybee-sized, they typically nest in pumpkin and gourd fields.

Carpenter Bees – Shiny and black, these bees tend to nest in yucca, sotol stalks, agave and tree trunks.

Honey Bees – Your stereotypical bee, these are gold and black, nesting in homes, tree trunks, and rocky areas.

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bee control in avondale az
Bee removal in Avondale is necessary for a variety of areas and habitats. Hives are often located inside, or very near inhabited properties.

Natural areas include holes in the ground, tree trunks, rocky areas, sand, and mud. Residential areas include walls, chimneys, overhangs, floors, and more. We use tried and true methods for complete bee hive removal.

Our pest control treatment and extermination methods depend on the nest location and what it is made from. Paper nests respond best to liquid bee removal treatments whereas ground nests respond to dust applications or liquid in different situations.

Inner wall nests are often destroyed using aerosol products, and our bee removal technicians are carefully trained and highly experienced. We’ll keep your family safe, your property safe, and provide complete bee relief.

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