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Bee Control GoodyearBees are a layered problem, causing bodily harm that can be fatal for people with allergies. Arizona is home to a wide variety of bee types; the one that creates the greatest level of concern is the Africanized Honey Bee.

They can also destroy your property from the inside out. When bees decide to cohabitate with humans they can quickly become a big problem and health hazard.

Bee removal and pest control services in Goodyear from Anteater Exterminating Inc. should be your first call in the event of a bee infestation.

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The problem isn’t that the Africanized Honey Bee have more potent venom than a regular bee, it’s their level of aggression which is why bee removal in Goodyear can be so important.

These bees swarm larger, attack more ferociously, and will chase a target further than a regular bee. These can be especially dangerous for families with small children. Our bee removal technicians use a multi-tiered system that starts with proper identification.

It can be difficult for an untrained eye to tell bees apart and know which are dangerous.

That’s why we always recommend calling a bee removal professional in Goodyear if you have a bee problem. Contact a local exterminator if you encounter wasps and hornets as well.

Our bee control services use best in industry practices.

If you’ve encountered bees, bee removal should be your first choice and you should consider contacting an exterminator in Goodyear. Bees have evolved in a number of ways that allow them to inhabit different areas. An important part of bee removal is hive location, this determines which methods we will use. Just some of the varied bee types we encounter in Arizona include:

Leafcutter Bees – These bees are often bright metallic, nesting in beetle holes, wood, or soil.

Mining Bees – These narrow, dull metallic bees have black or red hair and like to nest in sandy areas.

Masked Bees – Slender, hairless, and black, these frequently nest in dead twigs and beetle burrows.

Honey Bees – Small and traditionally yellow and black, they nest in rock outcrops, trees, and houses.

Bee removal is required in a number of habitats and areas throughout Goodyear. Often times hives are located near or inside of properties inhabited by humans. These areas include natural ones like refuse, underground areas, and trees.

They can often take residence in walls and chimneys as well. We only employ sound, reliable pest control methods that provide you with complete, efficient bee removal.

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Depending on where the nest is located and what material it is made out of, we will use different treatment techniques. For paper nests, liquid bee removal treatments are very effective. Ground nests respond well to liquid or dust applications. Aerosol products are effective on inner wall nests. Our bee removal technicians are carefully trained in the art of effective applications that keep your property safe, your family safe, and completely rid you of bees.

When you want complete bee removal or pest control in your home and on your property, for all bee types, call or contact us today.