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Do you need bee removal in Litchfield Park?

Bee Removal Litchfield Park
Bees can be a major problem in Litchfield Park, especially when they reside around human habitats.

Different species can cause different problems, and some need very little provocation before they’ll attack. For people with allergies to bee venom, this can be a major hazard. Bees frequently build nests inside of homes as well.

We’ve removed them from chimneys, attics, and walls. If you’re suffering because of a bee infestation, get professional bee removal and pest control services in Litchfield Park from Anteater Exterminating Inc. and take your property back.

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With a wide array of bees inhabiting Arizona, several species are particularly dangerous.

One of the worst is the Africanized Honey Bee, which calls for immediate removal when found. They don’t have venom that is more potent than that of a standard honey bee, but they have increased levels of aggression.

These bees will follow further, swarm their targets, and can be especially dangerous for homes with pets or small children.

Our bee removal technicians are experts at bee identification. We begin every job with an assessment of the problem, identifying the type of bee in order to determine the safest and most effective methods for bee removal in Litchfield Park.

Our bee removal services cover every species of bee.

If you’ve got an infestation, you want professional bee removal services. There are a number of dangers inherent when removing or exterminating bees. As stinging, aggressive insects, improper removal can result in serious injury.

Depending on the environment we encounter a wide variety of bee species. Different hive locations necessitate unique bee removal methods. Some of the species we frequently take care of include:

Squash Bees – These brown, small bees like to make their nests in gourd and pumpkin fields.

Long-horned Bees – The male bees have long bodies and antennae. They nest underground.

Honey Bees – These gold and black honey producers nest in tree trunks, rocky outcrops, and homes.

Carpenter Bees – Black and shiny, these bees nest in sotol stalks, yucca, and even agave.

Don’t risk an injury. Call us for bee hive removal today.

Removing bees is a necessity. With a variety of habitats that include homes and businesses, bees shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our technicians are experts at removal and can safely and effectively rid you of your infestation.

Depending on the location of the nest we employ a number of different pest control tactics that use liquid, dust, and aerosol applications. Bees aren’t a risk you should take, and our professional bee removal ensures the safety of your family and belongings.

For complete bee removal in Litchfield Park that covers any bee, anywhere, call or contact us today.
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