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Bee Control Scottsdale AZBees can be a two-fold problem. Not only are they capable of causing bodily harm, especially to people with allergies, but their nest building can also damage your property.

Bees can quickly become a concern when they take up residence on a human-occupied property.

Bee removal and pest control services in Scottsdale from Anteater Exterminating Inc. is your professional solution for a bee infestation.

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There are a number of varied bee types in Arizona, one of the most concerning in the Africanized Honey Bee.

Though they don’t have stings that are more potent than regular honey bees, they are much more aggressive. This can be especially concerning to families with young children.

Our bee removal technicians in Scottsdale use a multi-step system that begins with identification. It can be difficult to tell bees apart as many have similar markings. That’s why we always advise anyone with a bee problem to call our professionals.

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Because bees have evolved to live in a variety of locations, one of the most important aspects of bee removal involves the hive location. A small sample of bee types in Arizona include:

Honey Bee – These bees produce large colonies and inhabit rocky outcrops or the hollows of trees.

Sweat Bee – Colonize soil, small and black or vividly colored and can be attracted to salt.

Carpenter Bee – Black and shiny, these bees nest in agave, sotol, yucca stalks, and tree trunks.

Bumble Bee – Large and round, these bees often nest in rodent burrows or under boards.

Bees nest in a variety of areas and habitats, often times near or in human-inhabited properties.

They often nest in natural areas and bees frequently make nests in refuse, trees, and underground areas on your property. They often can be found in chimneys and walls as well. We employ reliable, sound methods for efficient and complete bee removal in Scottsdale.

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Depending on the nesting location and material we will use a number of different treatment applications. Liquid methods work best for paper nests. Ground nests are frequently disposed of with dust or liquid application methods.

If you have a nest in your wall we can inject an aerosol product that will quickly destroy the nest. In the event of a honey bee infestation, we’ll advise you on how to proceed with bee removal as well as honey and wax removal.

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