Cool Facts About Pest Control Technicians

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Pest Control Technician

A Day in the Life of a Pest Control Expert

We realize that our customers’ main focus is getting the pests out immediately, but also find that lots of people are curious about what an exterminator does all day. Though most people can take a guess, there are some facts about pest control specialists that might surprise you!

A typical day in the life of a pest control technician is pretty busy since they provide services for both residential and commercial clients. So, despite hectic schedules, unanticipated setbacks, and emergency service calls, these professionals have to balance a lot of duties. However, maintaining focus and delivering great customer service is always part of every task.

How Pest Control Technicians Maximize Time and Efficiency

Stocking and taking inventory

At the beginning of the day, the technicians must make sure that their vehicle is fully stocked and that their equipment and products won’t tumble around in the vehicle as they drive from place to place. Next, they review the day’s appointments and various work assignments, verifying that they have enough supplies to make it through the day without running low.

Specific service areas

Each worker is assigned to a small area, organized by zip code. This way they’re not spending half the day commuting or caught in traffic. To further eliminate setbacks, service routing is planned using GPS technology and a carefully organized database of customer information. This helps to transition from one job to another more simply and effectively; keeping their arrival times predictable for each client.

Much like house cleaning, many clients of pest control companies are on routine scheduling, receiving treatment or inspections within regular intervals throughout the year. Having a regular client base helps the company maintain consistent business, despite seasonal ebbs and flows. However, because most pest control companies employ several technicians, new service calls can be addressed in addition to scheduled ones.

Challenges and Rewards of pest management

Stamina and Dexterity

Controlling pests requires techs to repeatedly climb ladders, crawl underneath building structures, balance on rooftops, and lift heavy materials. In addition to the physical demands of the job, workers are exposed to stinging insects, infected rodents, fleas, and all varieties of pests. Furthermore, when the job is “done,” technicians often have to return to make sure the problem is completely solved.

Continuous job security

Though pest control work can be challenging, it comes with its share of rewards. Professionals who know how to keep homes and businesses free from unwelcome guests will always be in demand. And the appreciation for such a dramatic improvement in the quality of life keeps pest control technicians motivated to offer this critical service every day.


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