Preventing Ants From Entering Your Home

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Preventing Ants From Entering Your Home

Preventing Ants From Entering Your HomeAnts will effect most homeowners at some point. They are very common, and typically successful when they put their minds to invading a home. Like a lot of insects, they live in colonies and are rather social. They can be challenging to get rid of once they have entered the home, but there are tactics you or a pest control technician can use to fortify your home from the insect invasion. If ants have invaded your home, you may want to call a licensed exterminator to get rid of them for you. Pest control in Scottsdale can be a complicated process, so having a professional handle things is always a good idea. Use these tricks to help you keep ants away from your home.

Seal Openings

The first line in defending your home against pests, especially ants, is to seal windows, doors, and walls in your home. They can develop cracks and openings that serve as invitations to ants wanting to get inside. To prevent them from getting inside, you can work to seal the openings when you notice them. A good strategy is to perform regular checks in your home so nothing goes unnoticed. Be sure to check the areas that are hidden behind furniture and other obstructions, as they are more likely to escape your attention. If the ants have no way of getting inside, they are far more likely to move on to the next area.

Keep Food in Containers

All of your food should be kept in proper plastic containers that can be sealed off completely. With store packaging, ants can chew through and infect the food supply. This is true for the cardboard boxes and plastic bags that a lot of dried foods come in. When ants get into your food, it is no longer good to eat, and will waste a lot of money and effort for you. Keeping your food sealed is one good way to keep ants away from your cupboards.

Remove Moisture for Proper Ant Removal

Excessive moisture can provide ants with a steady water supply that works to keep them happy. Moisture can appear in many ways, including cracked or broken pipes, leaking plumbing systems, or high humidity. Keeping the air dry in your home and making sure your plumbing systems are not broken is another step for ant control and to avoid pest invasions. A dry home is a home that is less likely to attract ants and other insects.


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