Securing Your Home From Fruit Flies

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Securing Your Home From Fruit Flies

Securing Your Home From Fruit FliesWith summer approaching fast, the population of fruit flies will soon be upon us all. While they are mostly harmless, a fruit fly infestation can be annoying and has the potential to ruin any fruit you may wish to eat yourself. Fortunately, there are steps you and a pest control technician can take to keep your fruit and other foods secure and away from the fruit fly invasion. This will discourage them from coming to your home and give them reason to seek sustenance elsewhere. If you are concerned about a fruit fly invasion at your home, give the following tricks a try as the weather gets warmer, and get help from a pest control specialist in your area.

Remove and Cover Food Sources

The easiest thing you can do to prevent fruit flies from coming inside your home is to hide their food sources. Do not throw away food leftovers inside, as they will be attracted to the scents. Keep your fruit covered when you are not using it, and be sure to use or dispose of any overripe fruit. Rotting and overripe fruit makes for breeding ground for fruit flies, so you will want to be sure you take care of it before anything can happen. Another trick you can use is to keep your fruit in a brown bag until you need it, as the bag will protect it from any outside influences and will help the fruit ripen.

Clean Everything Thoroughly

Having a clean home is a great line of defense against insects and pests. Do not leave any food out overnight or during the day while you are away. This includes any leftovers or food garbage that you create after meals. Clean the kitchen area thoroughly to ensure there is no excess food stores around that can attract fruit flies. Clean all of your dishes every night and make sure you wash any rags or towels regularly to avoid attracting the flies to the scent. Any crumbs or spills on the counters should be wiped up daily, and you should also regularly clean the areas around your oven and refrigerator. A clean home is far less likely to attract insects than a cluttered one.

Home Defense

Besides handling the food storage and cleaning, you can also secure your home in other ways. Make sure all of your windows are equipped with screens to prevent entry. You can even use a fan that constantly blows across areas with fruit. Fruit flies will not be able to land and breed if the fan is blowing. There are also fly control traps you can use that can prove effective at times, but prevention is the best method.


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