Signs Of Scorpions On Your Property

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Signs Of Scorpions On Your Property

Signs Of Scorpions On Your Property

Keep scorpions out of your home.

Scorpions are very common in warmer climates like those of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. They are prone to stinging people with their tails, which have venom at the end of them. If you live in one of these climates and are experiencing a scorpions infestation, having a professional pest control service come help you with getting rid of them is the best thing you can do. Scorpions can be dangerous and it is always better to let a professional handle them before you move on. If you are unsure if your home has been overrun with scorpions, there are several signs you can look for to help you out.


Since most scorpions live in warm climates, they are always in search of cool, shady spots for sleeping during the day. As nocturnal creatures, they want cool areas to rest in and relax while the heat of the day overtakes them. If your home and property has a lot of shady spots, there is a higher chance of scorpion invasions for you. Do regular checks to make sure scorpions are not hiding out in the shady areas around your home or contact a scorpion control specialist.

Citrus Orchards

Properties with many different citrus trees are actually more likely to have scorpions as well, even though the connection may not be evident at first. A citrus orchard is a fantastic environment for a scorpion, and most of them love the wet, shady environment that the trees provide. Unfortunately, an orchard also tends to be quite large and you might think about getting the help from a specialist in pest control. The Bark scorpion is one type that especially loves these areas, so be aware before the problem arises.


If you have had scorpions before on your property, it is more likely you will see them again. As territorial creatures, they love to return to places that have served them well before. Comfort matters to scorpions, as does shelter and safety.

Insect Populations

If your home is also home to a lot of different insects, scorpions will not be far behind. These other insects provide a food source for the scorpions and keep them fed throughout the year. Consider contacting an Exterminator in Phoenix because scorpions are far less likely to leave a place that provides them with a solid food source and keeps them protected.


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