The Two Best Quick Bites in Phoenix

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Quick Bites Phoenix

On a Tight Schedule? No Problem. Here are Two Fast Eateries in Phoenix.

Not everyone has time to sit down at the best restaurants in the city and enjoy a waiting list, multi-course meal, drinks, hours of conversation, and dessert. In an increasingly hectic and busy city like Phoenix, eating on the go is part of everyday life. But this can be a challenge if you don’t even have time to explore what’s good and available around town. And if you have tastes that extend beyond chain coffee shops and fast food pit-stops, it’s best to have a few quality backup eateries in mind when you have limited time to spare.

The secret to finding fast food that’s not McDonald’s-quality fast food, is to think outside of the box. For example, most grocery stores have delis that are less crowded, cheaper, and require far less wait time than standard restaurants. If grocery stores fill you with dread and awful memories of getting stuck in line behind the “coupon lady,” maybe a better bet would be a sandwich shop. Here are three options for grocery-store-aphobes and busy movers and shakers alike.

DeSoto Central Market

Located on N Central Avenue in the beautiful Roosevelt Row arts district, DeSoto Central Market is “committed to creating a community gathering place heralding back to a time when the daily market was the heart of every city.” The historic brick-sided building offers an open, sunlit environment for shoppers, diners, and browsers to spend as much time as they like — a welcome pause before heading back out into the bustle of downtown.

Their deli is fully stocked with sandwiches, wraps, bowls, and grilled items for any appetite or timeframe. Be warned, however. You may find reasons to rearrange your schedule so you can stay for happy hour or their speakeasy night where you can dance or watch the Uptown Big Band dazzle you with jazz numbers ’til midnight.

Restaurant Atoyac

You can’t go wrong with Mexican food. It’s filling, delicious and great for those in a hurry. Because of its convenient location on W Glendale Avenue, Atoyac is a great stopping point when you’re rushing around downtown and just need a quick bite to get you through the rest of the day. This place clearly advertises its food as “traditional Mexican” fare, so expect to see some better options than chicken tacos and steak burritos.

The best take-away menu items are their sizeable burros, of course, but they do plates that include beans and rice to go as well (it just might be a little messy on the go) Menu items are mostly in Spanish, so if you don’t speak the language, don’t be shy about asking what unfamiliar words mean — you might discover a new favorite meal. The Desayuno (breakfast) burro is a good place to start if you’re looking for a new experience. It includes ham, chorizo, hotdog (yes, hotdog), bacon, eggs, potato, and cheese for a protein-packed mouthful that’ll definitely power you through a hectic day…or three.

The best kind of dining is the kind you enjoy after a hard day of outdoor recreation. Here are some great places to burn calories around Phoenix without a gym membership! Then after so much outdoor time, you’ll need some live music to lull you into the wee hours.

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