Top National Parks in Arizona

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Top 3 National Parks to Keep You Busy in the Weekday

Arizona may be known as a desert but don’t let that fool you. Behind all that sun and sand are some of the most amazing land features seen anywhere in the world. Arizona is home to national parks, national monument sites, national historic sites, memorial site and many other such reserved public attraction sites.

Here are some of the top national parks in Arizona from the area’s best pest control company:

1. The Grand Canyon National Park

At the park here, you will witness one of the biggest canyons in the United States. The canyon is 227 miles long, 18 miles wide and a mile deep. There are many activities that can be enjoyed in this national park. It is divided into the North-rims and the south-rims. The north –rims is the highly elevated and secluded of the two.

During winter, vehicles are not allowed in the N-rims. The south rim is more developed and offers more activities than the north rim. At this national park you’ll be able to enjoy the sites of old rocks and other geologic features that are known to span many centuries back.

You can hike the canyon, descending to the bottom. However to be allowed to camp at the bottom of the canyon, you need to have backcountry hiking permits. There are lodges in the park on both rims and camping grounds also.

You may also decide to drive through the park around both rims which takes about 5 hours. If you love the outdoors and the marvels of nature you will definitely enjoy your time at the Grand Canyon National park.

2. Petrified Forest National Park

This park is home to the petrified trees dating back to the dinosaur era. The landscape here is also very beautiful and is also called the Painted Desert. During the dinosaur era, Arizona used to be green and humid and this is evidenced here in this forest. Tree barks fallen in the forest were covered with volcanic soil.

Quartz crystals replaced the wood matter to have what is seen now as the petrified trees. The wood of these trees is so hard it is only said to be cut using diamond the hardest element on earth. Here you can enjoy hiking and exhibits that give the stories of the park and Arizona, centuries before.

3. Saguaro National Park

The park contains hundreds of protected saguaro cactus plants. This species of cactus plants is rare and is not found anywhere else in Arizona. The saguaro cactus trees are known to survive for even over 200 years. In Saguaro National Park, you will enjoy seeing some almost 20m tall. They are heavy, big and succulent.

At the park you can also enjoy hiking with trails as long as 100 miles. During the period when the saguaro plants have flowered, you will also enjoy seeing birds and other forms of wildlife attracted to the nectar of its flowers.

Other amazing places to visit in Arizona include; Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, canyon de Chelly National monument, Meteor crater national landmark, Vermilion cliffs national monument and so many others.

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