Cricket Control Phoenix

Cricket Control Phoenix

Cricket ControlFor an Arizona pest control technician, the most common cricket is known as the Indian house cricket.

This cricket is very prolific and can multiply rapidly descending upon your home in massive numbers. They are generally late bloomers as far a pest control specialists are concerned, and start their activity abundantly around July and then peaking in October.

Cricket and pest control service in Phoenix from Anteater Exterminating Inc. is the best way to prevent an infestation.

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Anteater Exterminating Inc.’s regular pest control maintenance will eliminate this common pest by treating around the foundation perimeter of your home, around doors, windows, pipe openings that exist.

Top to Bottom Treatment

Anteater Exterminating Inc. will treat many different environmental areas in your yard.If they’ve found a way into your attic, which they commonly do, it may be appropriate to treat the attic.

It may not be where they live, but they surely can gain access to the interior of your home through the attic crawl space. A cricket control technician in Phoenix can perform a complete and thorough service that will exterminate crickets from your property.

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What To Know About The Common Cricket

Cricket Control ServicesIt is not uncommon to go outside at night and see thousands of crickets crawling around a park or public sidewalk. If your home is not treated on a regular maintenance schedule, these crickets will invade and become a persistent pest.

The Indian house cricket will crawl inside your walls gaining access to the voids where the stucco meets the foundation through a crack that exists behind a material called a j-trim.

Once inside the walls, they will breed and multiply in such abundant numbers. Their droppings will build up and will trickle out, leaving small piles in various areas, particularly around doors and windows. Often these droppings are commonly confused with termite droppings.

Indian house crickets are the main food supply source (during the times of years that they are most active) for scorpions, so if you have a lot of crickets there is a good chance you can also have scorpions.

Crickets chirp loud enough to be heard throughout a home. This chirping can drive you nuts. Trying to locate where the chirping is coming from is nearly impossible.