Fly Control Phoenix

Common Flies In Phoenix

Fly Control PhoenixFlies and humans have been living with each other for thousands of years and they have always been a nuisance of different severity. Some flies suck blood; others are scavengers. Many transmit diseases, some are harmful to cultivated plants, some live at the expense of other insects and others aid in the pollination of plants. Even though there are more than 120,000 species of flies here are only several groups of flies that are common in Phoenix.

The family Muscidae includes the housefly and its relatives; the members of the family Sarcophagidae are flesh flies; the family Calliphoridae is made up of the bottle flies and the blowflies. Other families of importance are Simuliidae, black flies; Psychodidae, filter flies, or moth flies; Tabanidae, horse flies or deer flies; and Drosophilidae, vinegar flies and fruit flies.

There are obviously a lot of different flies that live in the Phoenix area, and trying to determine what kind you have flying around your house is extremely difficult. But our exterminators at Anteater Exterminating are trained and experienced to know the difference between all these flies and how to eliminate and prevent all of them. If you need help with fly control services in Phoenix, call Anteater Exterminating Inc.

Fly Management

Good sanitation is the most basic yet important step in all fly management. Always try to cover or put food away so that flies can not get into it and contaminate it. Killing adult flies will reduce an infestation, but the elimination of breeding areas is necessary for good management. House flies and many flesh flies, bottle flies, and blowflies breed in similar substances, such as decaying organic materials, garbage, animal excrement, or polluted ground. Nearby dumpsters or trash bins should be kept as clean as possible. All garbage receptacles should be located as far from the doors as possible. And stick to the garbage collection schedule so that your trash isn’t sitting for weeks at a time.

Prevent Flies From Coming Inside

Fly ExterminationHaving screened doors and windows can be a big help in preventing flies and other insects from getting into your home. If you are having a major problem you might consider getting a double set of doors. There is also different types of mesh options that might work better than others. After Anteater Exterminating technicians have gone through your house and helped eliminate your fly problem you might discuss with your technician other preventative maintenance options. Like fly traps or fly paper. These items can be places strategically around the house where they attract and kill flies. These products will not help eliminate a fly problem altogether because the flies will keep breeding but they can help prevent a new problem from starting or from getting worse.

Enhanced Fly Control

There are other more advanced fly control options that are mainly used for commercial buildings and require a professional to install them because their placement is vital in their performance. These control methods include light traps and electric screens. If the light traps are strategically deployed they can be highly effective. As these methods also will not eliminate a fly problem by themselves it is best to work together with your Anteater Exterminating technician to set up a fly maintenance plan. Regular treatments and replacing traps can be scheduled and are the most effective at successful fly control.