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Outdoor Pest Control in Buckeye, AZ

Picture this. You’re out with family and friends on a warm, sunny Arizona day. You are all gathered in your backyard for a delicious meal. You’ve got the grill running, and the smell of food fills the air. Suddenly, someone screams. You look over and see that a stream of ants is on the table, making off with the deviled eggs, one tiny piece at a time. Unwanted insects can be a major pain at barbecues and picnics, but there are ways to control them. Learn how you can prevent invasions, as well as what pest control in Buckeye can do for you. We’re the professional choice for ants, bees, and more.

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Which outdoor pests are common in Buckeye?

There are a variety of different species with whom we share our environment. Many of them thrive in the warm climate of Arizona. They’re often relatively harmless to humans, but they can easily become an annoyance. There are various methods to help you deal with infestations. They vary by species.


When someone says “ruined picnic”, you likely think of ants. There’s a lot to admire about the lowly ant: they’re efficient, hard-working and strong. Of course, these qualities also make them excellent food thieves. Here in the Copper State, we’re home to many different varieties, each with their own levels of threat or annoyance to humans:

  • Forelius Ants: This species is very hardy. They’re harmless, but since they resist heat well these little guys can make trouble even in the worst part of summer.
  • Fire Ants: The desert fire ants are quite unpleasant. They’re red and they can both bite and sting. When fire ants show up, it often means the end the party.
  • Odorous House Ants: A small species, they don’t often swarm your food. The problem is that if you squish them, their foul stench can ruin a gathering.
  • Pharaoh Ants: Not particularly threatening, pharaoh ants are a nuisance because of the enormous colonies that they build. This can include hundreds of thousands of members. Tot top it all off, there are usually multiple queens, so their colony can remain viable even if one dies.

How do you get rid of ants?

The most common remedy for ants is poison. You sprinkle it down in an area where you know ants congregate, or you set up bait stations on your property. While using instant kill poisons can indeed reduce the number of ants in your property, it’s only a short-term solution. You’re not going to kill enough of them to cause the queen to starve, and then she can always produce more workers. Instead, opt for a slow-working poison. Scouts pick them up and feed it to the queen. Eventually, she dies of malnutrition, and the entire colony dies out after her.
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Flying stingers

You know what we’re talking about. Bees, yellow jackets, and wasps. Even if they don’t come in swarms, even one of these insects can cause chaos. Since you can’t be sure of which of your visitors might unknowingly be deathly allergic to stings, if you find yellow jackets or bees on your property, you need to take care of the issue.

As a side note about honeybees, these creatures are generally very docile. They don’t sting very often, and if they do, they can’t sting you twice. While it’s still a good idea to remove any hives that might be on your property, please think twice before killing them. Bees fulfill a vital role in the environment, pollinating trees and flowers. Qualified professionals can safely remove a hive and bring it to an apiary. Beekeepers look after the hive carefully and also provide useful honey.

How to get rid of stinging flyers

You might not have a nest of wasps or yellow jackets on your property, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t come once you get busy. These pests can fly all over town, and they’re attracted to human food, including meat. There are a few practical steps that you can take to keep them away from you.

  • Yellow Jacket Traps: These bags are designed to let the yellow jacket in while preventing them from getting out. They have a powerful attractant and can entice yellow jackets from across your property. Make sure to set these traps up as far from your dining area as possible, as you don’t want the yellow jackets to get distracted by real food.
  • Herbal Repellent: Back up your baited traps with some natural repellent. Plant wormwood plants around the edge of your backyard. It’s been shown that yellow jackets are repelled by it.
  • Remove Hummingbird Feeders: Sure, nothing livens up your garden like the appearance of flashy, colorful hummingbirds. Unfortunately, the sugar water that you fill the feeders with is also an attractant to yellow jackets. If you don’t want them coming around, remove this source of food for them.

Professional exterminators

One way to help ensure that your picnic goes off smoothly is to have a professional exterminator inspect your property beforehand. They can find colonies that are otherwise hidden. Once they’re exposed, the techs can then eliminate the infestation.

Anteater Exterminators is your ideal choice for pest control in Buckeye. We’ve been in the area for decades and are familiar with all of the invasive species in Arizona. Our techs are all highly trained and very experienced. If you’re having trouble, make sure that we’re the first people you call.

Making an appointment is as simple as giving us a phone call or fill out the contact form on this page. We can set up a free consultation at a time that’s convenient for you. Our team members all treat you with respect and courtesy. We explain what you need to know very clearly. Even if we have to destroy a significant pest population, we leave your property looking as good as it was before you had us come over. Don’t leave your next event to chance, turn to Anteater Exterminators today and get rid of unwanted pests before you have people over.


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