20+ Things You Should Know About Phoenix AZ Before Moving Here

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Phoenix is a Maricopa County City and capital of the Arizona state. It is situated along the Salt River in the state’s south-central part. It is popularly known as the valley of the sun. Phoenix plays an important role in the economy of people living there, by serving as a communication, transportation, and financial hub. Its population is generally of European ancestry.

Here are the things you should know about Phoenix, AZ, before moving here from a top Phoenix’s pest control company:
Phoenix AZ
1. Phoenix has some of the most diverse vegetation in the United States.

2. Many people in Phoenix use bikes to go to work, school or grocery.

3. There’s a wide variety of high-performance art in Phoenix.

4. It has diverse nightlife of clubs, lounges, and bars.

5. It is a tourist city with luxurious spas, resorts and fabulous casinos.

6. It is a home to the largest professional golf tournament.

7. It is known for variety of animals such as jaguars, bald eagles, mountain lions among others.

8. L. Ron Hubbard, a scientologist was born in Phoenix. He is the one who planned the Hubbard Association of Scientologists from his Camelback home, which is now a museum.

9. Phoenix is known for having a Musical Instrument Museum that houses almost 16,000 instruments from approximately 200 countries.

10. The Flood Control Tunnel of Maricopa County is also known as the Phoenix bat cave. Thousands of bats hangout here during the day and only go out when it’s dark to feed on insects.

11. Phoenix has a 24-foot human figure statue constructed in the year 2005. Robert John Miley built it to symbolize gun control and anti-violence in the U.S.

12. Other proposed names of Phoenix city were Stonewall, after Stonewall Jackson and Salina, an early name for Salt River.

13. Hohokam tribe was the first residents of the Hohokam canal where their crops were irrigated. The community’s agrarian society flourished because of farming.

14. Phoenix was named from Darrel Duppa. He is the pioneer who forecasted the rise of a civilization from the locals after studying the natives’ prehistoric ruins.

15. Chimichanga is a Phoenix invention of the 1950s at Mexican Kitchen of Macayo.

16. Residents in Phoenix reported seeing an “otherworldly” V-shaped aircraft in the sky.

17. The greatest snowfall which happened twice was recorded to measure exactly 1 inch.

18. An anchor from USS Arizona is displayed in Hawaii where the ship sank, the other ship’s anchor is displayed in Phoenix.

19. Every American president since Herbert Hoover stepped in office has slept in the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix.

20. South Mountain Park has one of the highest chuckwallas.

21. Phoenix’s South Mountain Park is one of the nation’s largest city parks.

22. The city is home to the only known rosy-faced lovebirds of the federal population.

23. It has more days annually where the temperature surpasses 100 degrees.

24. Phoenicians are the residents of the city.

25. Phoenix is the most populous capital city in the United States with 1.5 million people.


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