Three Handy Tips from Pest Control Pros

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1. How to Make Sure Your Recently Treated Home Stays Pest-Free

After the pest control technician treats and leaves your home doesn’t mean the horror of a pest infestation is over. Follow-up inspections and multiple treatments might be necessary as well. So, the best way to help keep bugs out of your home in the meantime is the most obvious – keep it clean! That means:

  • Follow all the steps recommended by the pest management professional
  • Take out the garbage daily or once every two days
  • Keep food sealed and put away in the (always clean) kitchen
  • Take pets to the groomers regularly for baths and flea treatments
  • Vacuum carpets, floors, and rugs every few days
  • Keep screens on open doors and windows, otherwise, keep the house well sealed.
  • Ask about sprays or on-the-spot products you can use between visits

If you notice pests even after following all the recommended steps, don’t worry. What you’re seeing is probably a population that recently hatched. Since most pesticides are only effective against adults, being vigilant for the weeks following treatment is critical to fully eliminating the problem.

2. The Trick to Keeping Bugs Away from Your Backyard Barbeque

Depending on where you are, mosquitos, bees, and ants can turn a fun backyard barbeque into a really bad idea. And who can blame pests for being attracted to the smell of marinated meats and sugary desserts? So, instead of swapping out savory steaks and cakes for dry bread and water just to deter curious bugs, just be more assertive with your bug repellent techniques.

If you have a citronella candle, great! Get more. The scent of essential oils such as lemongrass, peppermint, tea tree, and basil is nauseating to gnats, flies, mosquitos, and ants. Cedar and geranium also repel mosquitos. Surround your party with these scented candles or electric oil warmers and enjoy a bug-free feast. If you want to go a step further, simply splurge on some high-end bug repellent clothing. The designs are pretty tasteful, so you won’t have to worry about repelling your friends.

3. Avoiding Bad Pest Control Companies

In the age of the Internet, it’s very rare to encounter door-to-door salespeople or even solicitors, but advertising the old-school way is still a valid, albeit dying, strategy. So, if a person solicits you at home offering pest control services, beware. Especially if they claim to have a “secret formula” or offer a list of pest problems in the neighborhood.

Keep in mind that all pesticide products must be registered by the EPA and the Department of Agriculture in order to be considered safe to use commercial. Hearing about a secret formula is your first red flag. Furthermore, government agencies don’t endorse pest control companies, so if they make any claims along these lines, assume they’ve got something up their sleeve. If you happen to engage with them beyond the initial pitch, ask to see their “magic” product’s registered pesticide label – it should contain a list of active ingredients. If it doesn’t, absolutely do not let them treat your home. Transparency is key when it comes to pest control. The best companies have nothing to hide.

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