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Pigeon Control Avondale

Pigeons are more than just a common nuisance—once they start roosting on your property, they can be a major hazard.

Droppings can cause damage to your building and any vehicles caught below. When the lacquer in paint contracts around dried droppings, you end up with permanent pigeon marks. Enough dried feces in one place can breed fungus, and cause respiratory problems.

Pigeons are an active threat. The professional pigeon and pest control services that Avondale depends on comes from Anteater Exterminating Inc. Don’t let pigeons take over. Help is just a phone call away.

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Pigeons might seem easy to scare away, but removing pigeons from your Avondale property isn’t so simple. Pigeons engage in a variety of behaviors that make a pigeon control technician your best option to get rid of pigeons.

  • Where do pigeons nest? Flat areas are the preferred nesting sites of feral pigeons. This makes rooftops one of the most common nesting areas. They also frequently nest by outdoor AC units. This can lead to major blockages as nesting materials, down, and other materials are pulled into the unit.
  • What are a pigeons’ roosting habits? Once pigeons find a roosting area, they start turning it into a home. Nests are quickly constructed, eggs laid, and chicks hatched. Pigeons like to make their birth roost a permanent home. Fast pigeon control Avondale service by our technicians can prevent this.
  • Are pigeons territorial? Pigeons are very territorial. They cannot be permanently scared away. Once the immediate threat is gone they return. This makes temporary measures like noise, water, and fake prey birds an ineffective solution. Once they learn there isn’t a physical danger, they will come back.

We control your pigeon problem.

We use a wide range of pigeon control methods that vary depending on the pigeons and the property. Nesting pigeons require a different approach than those using your building as a temporary resting area. Our two-pronged pigeon control provides the best solution. We’ll remove existing pigeons and place preventative measures that help prevent their return.

Commercial pigeon control for your business.

For commercial pigeon control, Avondale methods can help you maintain a clean appearance. We have a number of devices that prevent pigeons from landing or resting on ledges. This is especially useful for high foot traffic areas. Our experienced technicians individually assess each pigeon infestation.

Property layouts and severity are always unique. Accurate diagnosis is a necessity, and our technicians will determine which tools will provide you with the best solution. These may include baiting, deterrents, exclusion, and trapping.

Pigeon Control Avondale AZ

Pigeon management that’s right for you.

Before getting to work, our technicians will completely explain costs and methodology. We’ll clean the offending areas as well. Work may require boom lifts or long ladders. This makes amateur pigeon control extremely hazardous. Without the right safety gear and correct equipment, serious injury can occur.

Get pigeon control in Avondale the easy way!

We’re the easiest option for effective, safe pigeon and pest control. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding service differences. Some methods like traps and baiting involve a smaller upfront cost. However, these require ongoing service to remain pigeon free. We’ll help you determine the right solution for you.

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