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Pigeon Control

Pigeons can be a major problem. They can cause physical damage to buildings and vehicles. Their feces is the breeding ground of certain fungal varieties that can cause health problems.

A major infestation can even hamper business. These winged rats are a significant threat. Professional help is the best way to get rid of them once and for all.

When it needs professional pigeon and pest control services, Glendale, AZ depends on Anteater Exterminating Inc. Take your property back today. We can help.

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Many property owners underestimate pigeons. They think control is a walk in the park. This is never the case. Pigeon control that Glendale AZ residents benefit from in the long term requires experience and training. Our pigeon control technicians have the necessary skills to achieve long-term pigeon control for your property. These resistant pests don’t like leaving. We can make them, and keep them from coming back.

  • Where do pigeons live?  Feral pigeons nest in flat areas whenever they are available. That makes rooftops frequent targets. They also prefer outdoor AC units, which can cause additional problems. Dried feces, down, and nesting materials can easily enter and even clog an AC system.
  • Why are pigeons roosting on my roof? Pigeons don’t like to wait. Once a suitable nesting area is discovered they will quickly get to work establishing a roost. This means nest construction, egg laying, and new baby pigeons on top of your home or business. Pigeon hatchlings will try to permanently roost in their birth site. Swift pigeon control services from our experts can prevent this.
  • Are pigeons territorial? Pigeons can be very territorial. They don’t scare readily and after a threat is gone they almost always return. That means temporary measures are mostly ineffective. Hosing them down, noise devices and fake birds of prey won’t work in the long term.

Our pigeon control procedures work.

The methods we use for pigeon control depend on several factors. Property type and pigeon roosting habits play a role. Permanent roosts require different measures than resting areas. We’ll take necessary steps to remove current pigeons and take preventative measures to stop their return.

Commercial pigeon control for your business

For commercial pigeon control, Glendale AZ services can truly benefit your business. We can prevent pigeons from even landing on ledges. This is especially effective above high traffic areas, and can greatly improve the experience for customers.

Our technicians approach every infestation on its own. Pigeon habits, severity, and property layout are all taken into consideration. We diagnose the problem on an individual basis. This allows us to provide customized treatments to the greatest effect. Methods may include trapping, exclusion, deterrents, and baiting.

Professional pigeon control that’s made for you.

Before we begin work, our technicians explain the entire process. This will cover their findings, recommendations, associated costs and more. We’ll even clean the infested area of feces, nests, and debris.

These jobs often require a boom lift and extendable ladders. Safety is a major reason citizens get hurt when attempting amateur pigeon control. As professionals, we have the equipment and knowledge to safely do the job.

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PigeonsWe’re the simplest way to get safe and effective pigeon control. Service can vary widely. Certain methods provide longer-term pigeon control or extermination Glendale, AZ citizens can rely on without ongoing service. Others require continuing maintenance for the best results. We’re happy to answer any questions you have so you can identify the right choice for you.

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