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Pigeon Control

Pigeons can be a major problem.

Their droppings can damage property like vehicles and buildings. This leaves permanent markings when the lacquer contracts around the dropping.

Dried feces can also cause respiratory problems if it builds up enough. It is also a breeding ground for fungus which can infect humans.

Pigeons aren’t a benign threat and the most effective pigeon and pest control services in Goodyear that residents depend on comes from Anteater Exterminating Inc. Don’t let pigeons overrun your property, help is just a phone call away.

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It might seem easy, but professional pigeon control that buildings in Goodyear benefit from is anything but simple. There are several behaviors that make the service of a pigeon control technician so beneficial.

  • Nesting Locations – Feral pigeons frequently choose flat areas as nesting sites. This makes flat rooftops prime roosting territory. They also commonly nest near outdoor AC units. This leads to AC blockages and other problems caused by the intake of nesting materials.
  • Nesting Site Establishment – Once pigeons identify a suitable roosting area, they get to work. That means quick construction of nests, egg laying, and the hatching of chicks. When pigeons are born in a specific roost, they try to make it a permanent home. That makes swift control a necessity.
  • Territorial Tendencies – Pigeons are incredibly territorial. They don’t scare permanently and return once a threat is gone. This makes temporary measures like water spray, noise causing devices, and fake prey birds a waste of time. After they discover there is no physical danger, they will likely return.

We customize pigeon control procedures for your property.

We use a wide variety of pigeon control methods that depend on the type of property and needs. Some areas are used for nesting, while others are used temporarily as resting areas. Determining which is occurring where allow us to target our pigeon control.

We eliminate pigeons from these areas and can place preventative measures that make the environment unsuitable for habitation.

For commercial pigeon control, Goodyear methods may be used to keep up appearances as well. We can use a number of tactics that keep pigeons from resting or landing on ledges. This is great when a high foot traffic area is below.

Our highly knowledgeable technicians assess every infestation and property individually. Since the infestation severity and property layout are always unique, it’s important to be as accurate as possible. This allows us to determine which tools will work best. These may include exclusion, trapping, deterrents, and baiting.

Pigeon Control Services

Professional pigeon control that’s right for you.

Our technicians will fully explain the costs and methods before starting work. This often includes a complete cleaning of the offending areas. Depending on these areas, work may require the use of 40-foot ladders or even boom lifts.

These dangers make amateur pigeon control extremely dangerous. Without the proper equipment and safety gear, it can be hazardous to your health. We’re the easiest way to achieve safe and effective pigeon and pest control.

We work with you and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding price differences and ongoing maintenance. Certain methods like baiting and traps have a smaller initial investment but do require ongoing maintenance to stay pigeon free.

When you want excellent service, honest technicians, full extermination and custom pigeon control that Goodyear has been relying on for more than a decade, call (623) 552-5576.