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Pigeon Control

Pigeons are more than a nuisance—once they begin roosting on a building, they can quickly become a massive hazard. Droppings can cause extensive damage to vehicles and buildings. Lacquer paint contracts around droppings.

This leaves behind permanent markings. Certain fungus also breeds on dried pigeon feces and can cause respiratory distress. Pigeons are a constant threat.

The professional pigeon and pest control services that Litchfield Park relies on comes from Anteater Exterminating Inc. Don’t give pigeons the upper hand. We can help you regain control.

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It’s easy to mistake pigeons for a simple pest. This is not the case. Pigeon control that Litchfield Park residents benefit from most takes training and experience. A pigeon control technician possesses the skills required to achieve lasting pigeon control. That’s because these resistant pests don’t like to leave.

  • Nesting Locations – Feral pigeons seek out flat areas for nesting. That’s why they are so abundant on rooftops. They also prefer nesting near outdoor AC units. This can cause AC problems when the system sucks in down, nesting materials, and other debris.
  • Nesting Site Establishment – Pigeons get to work immediately after identifying a roosting area. They don’t take long to begin constructing nests, laying eggs, and hatching baby chicks. When a chick is born in a particular roost, it likes to make it a home for life. Quick pigeon control service from our specialists can prevent this.
  • Territorial Tendencies – Pigeons are surprisingly territorial. They do not scare easily. When a threat is no longer present, they will return. This makes temporary measures largely ineffective. Fake prey birds, water, and noise devices won’t do a thing once the pigeons realize there is no physical danger.

We customize pigeon control methods for your property.

We use an impressive range of pigeon control methods. Depending on the property type and pigeon roosting habits, we’ll formulate a customized control plan for you. Nesting sites require different methodology from temporary resting sites for effective control.

We take steps to remove existing pigeons and utilize preventative measures to discourage their return.

Commercial pigeon control for your business.

For commercial pigeon control, our Litchfield Park technicians can beautify your business. We can place devices on resting ledges to prevent landings. In high foot traffic areas, this can greatly improve the customer experience.

Our technicians assess every infestation on its own merits. Property layouts, pigeon habits, and severity can vary greatly. By diagnosing your individual problem we provide focused, customized treatment. Methods may include exclusion, baiting, deterrents, and trapping.

Avoid the dangers of DIY bird control.

Pigeon Control Services
Before we start working, our technicians explain the process in detail. This includes the cost of different methods, and how they work. We also clean the infested area of debris, nests, and feces.

This may require the use of a boom lift or extending ladders. Safety is a major concern when citizens attempt amateur pigeon control. It can be very hazardous. As professionals, we have the necessary skills and equipment to stay safe.

Get pigeon control the easy way!

We’re the easiest way to achieve safe and effective pigeon and pest control. Services can vary greatly, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Certain methods require reduced upfront costs. These may need ongoing services to stay pigeon free. We offer a variety of services and will help you choose the best one for you.

When you want reliable service from friendly technicians who provide extermination and pigeon control that Litchfield Park has relied on for over a decade. We handle everything from bed bugs to roof rats and gophers. Call or contact us today.