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Pigeon Control
Pigeons can be more than a nuisance. Their droppings can cause property damage.

Pigeon droppings frequently ruin the paint on cars and buildings. This is caused by the lacquer in paint contracting around the dropping, leaving a permanent mark.

When left to dry, droppings can also cause respiratory distress if allowed to build up and dry.

Fungal diseases can also be carried in droppings and passed on to human beings. The best way to remove pigeons is with effective pigeon and pest control services that Scottsdale business and homeowners rely on. With Anteater Exterminating Inc. on your side, pigeons won’t be a problem for long.

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It might seem simple, but proper pigeon control that Scottsdale residents benefit from is anything but. There are several behavioral traits that make the services of a specialist so beneficial.

Nesting Locations – Feral pigeons prefer flat areas for nesting sites. This makes rooftops a prime place for roosting. They also frequently nest around outdoor AC units and nesting material can quickly cause AC damage.

Nesting Site Establishment – As soon as pigeons find an area suitable for roosting, they begin constructing nests, laying eggs, and hatching chicks. Pigeons born in a specific roost tend to make it a permanent home.

Territorial Tendencies – Pigeons are extremely territorial. They aren’t easily scared off and often return as soon as the threat is over. Measures like noise, sprays of water, and other distractions are only temporary. Once a pigeon discovers it isn’t in physical danger, it will return.

Pigeon Control Services

Our pigeon control methods are customized for you.

We use a variety of different pigeon control methods depending on the property type and control needs. Some areas are only used for resting, while others are used for nesting.

Determining which you are dealing with allows us to provide targeted pigeon control. We can eliminate them from these areas, and take measures specifically designed to eliminate them from the environment by making it unsuitable.

For commercial pigeon control, effective methods for Scottsdale businesses may include tactics that keep them from becoming an aesthetic nuisance.

There are measures we can take to keep them from landing and resting on ledges and other areas that see a lot of foot traffic below.

Our highly experienced technicians assess every property and infestation individually. Since property layout and severity is always unique, it’s important you get service from a company that takes the time to accurately assess. We used everything from exclusionary tactics to baiting, trapping, and deterrents.

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Our technicians will cover costs and recommendations with you before beginning work. This often includes a thorough cleaning of the areas. Depending on the location it may require working on 40-foot ladders or boom lifts.

These dangers make our professionals the best option for safe pigeon and pest control. We’ll work with you regarding treatment methods, including differences in cost and ongoing maintenance. Traps and baiting are less expensive, but require maintenance to maintain a pigeon free property.

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