What To Know About Termite Inspections?

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Thinking About A Termite Inspection?

Termites are the wood destroying insects that feeds on the wood installed in your house. These can make the wood completely useless from inside. That is why finding it at right time and destroying should be your prime concern, if you want to save your house from falling apart at some point of time.

The visual termite inspection starts from the readily accessible areas of the house. This inspection should be done periodically to stay safe. All the woody areas of the house must be thoroughly inspected, including the subspaces such as the crawlspaces and basements.

Plus, the exteriors should also be given equal amount of emphasis. If you are consulting a professional then he will visit the house and make a report after complete inspection. And the target areas have to be fixed immediately.

What to Look for During the Inspection?

The basic inspection can be done by homeowners as well. This will require some steps that you have to follow. While we suggest to take the issue very seriously and leave it up to the professionals but a little care of the house and monitoring for the termites yourself can cause no bad.

So, let’s straightaway look at the signs of places where you could look for the termites.

  • Swarming: If you witness swarms inside the house then consider it to be a clear indication of termites. Swarming is quite common in wooden houses. However, dry wood termites do not swarm. If you find your house infested with swarm then start by checking near windows and doors. The reason for the swarming to choose doors and windows is because the flying reproductive are mostly attracted to the lighted areas.
  • Mud Tubes: If you find wood cellulose, or tunnels made of soil near the foundation of the house like a crawl space or attic, near pipes or chimneys, then this means that termites have been there for a long time. For that matter, they might still be there. You can check all these areas and if you find any such symptoms then its probably the time to eliminate the termites and fix the damage that has already been done.
  • Damaged Wood Beams: The professionals determine presence of termite by tapping on the wood with mallet. If the beam sounds hollow then this means that the termites have attacked the wood. One other thing that gives-away about the presence of the wood eating insects is an exposed beam that show signs of intense grooves on the inner portion. This is probably because the termites like to consume wood from inside than attacking out in the open.
  • More Moisture on Walls: You might now have a moisture meter at home that can check the moisture level in the walls. The wall or wood moisture level is also a classic give-away that the wood is infested. If it ranks more than the average than this is a clear indication of termite presence. Since this task cannot be done by home owners because for that you will have to purchase a moisture meter. So, it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals.
  • Potential Access Points: If you want to determine the past or active termite infestation then you should begin with the quick accessible points. Wood fencing that touches the home, or any other adjacent structure should be first inspected. This is the place from where the termite army make its way to the entire wood craft of the house.
  • Visible Termites: The termites are not opaque to the naked eye. You can see it clearly on the wood. If you cannot do much about it then once you spotted the termites, don’t linger on and immediately call the professionals. These can cause lot more damage than you can ever anticipate.

Termite Treatments Available

Many people would like to dive in the DIY options because they are simpler and cheaper. But they are not half as effective as the professional treatments. Being someone trying it for the first time, you can cause more damage than eliminating the termites for good. The DIY treatments are ineffective and they can cause massive future expense when you finally plan on consulting the professionals. As we have repeatedly said, don’t avoid the situation and take termite infestation with negligence. This can cause of million of dollars at a later stage. There are plenty of termite treatments in which soil treatment, wood treatments, fumigation, and bait systems are the most recognized ones. Unless you are not 100% certain of the DIY treatment that you are doing, don’t try this at home.

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How to Treat Termites?

There are a lot of methods to treat subterranean termites, chemical treatment being the most preferred and suitable one. The purpose of this treatment is to develop a continuous termiticide barrier between the army of termites and wood of your house. Basically, the chemical is spilled and placed on all the foundation sides of the house to prevent the entrance and growth of the insects in the wood. The professionals trench the oil and inject the chemical 16 inches deeper. The block voids are also filled with the chemical. This way, a protective barrier is created around the property and infestation can be avoided.

There is another highly profound method for killing termites and that is In-ground baiting systems. The wood material or cellulose is spilled in the prominent areas as a bait for the termites with an inviting scent in it that attracts the termite. Once the termites locate the bait, it is replaced with the chemical inhibitor that kills the termite and finishes it off.

Most people still prefer the chemical treatments because it is more secure and resourceful.

There can be hidden effects of termite as well. Sometimes, it becomes almost impossible to find termite unless it has already caused you immense trouble. If you like in the house that is made of wood then you should go for a thorough investigation and chemical treatment to keep the house safe.


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