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Termite TreatmentFor a complete termite treatment and pest control services in Goodyear, trust in Anteater Exterminating Inc. As a professional termite treatment company in Goodyear, AZ, we know how to handle almost any pest you may have.

Our experienced and highly trained termite treatment professionals handle your property with care and respect. As a customer-oriented company, we train our technicians in best practices to ensure you receive an incredible termite treatment.

If you’ve never dealt with termites before, they are one of the hardiest pests we encounter. Capable of causing extensive property damage, if you see any of these signs don’t wait to contact us.

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Have you seen these signs of a termite problem?

  • Termite Habitation Indicators – Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for termite droppings. These look like pellets and are usually located where termites nest and eat. They may also cause a smell similar to mildew. The Heterotermes termite is the most common genus found in Goodyear. As subterranean termites, they usually get into your property underground or through cracks in your outer walls and foundation.
  • Termite Damage Indications – Damage may end up being extensive. Termites often aren’t spotted until serious property damage has occurred. Many times you termite infestations requiring treatment will be discovered thanks to swollen floors or ceiling, buckling wood, and the appearance of water damage. Shredded wood and evidence of tube-like lines that termites use for travel can help you further narrow it down.
  • Drywood Termites – Though less common, these require immediate termite treatment as well. In addition to the above, look for veneer cracks and tunnels. Often infesting walls, careful attention should be paid to antique furniture. If you don’t inspect it thoroughly you may accidentally bring these pests into your house.

If you believe you have a problem and need termite treatment in Goodyear, don’t wait to contact a professional. We have a multi-tiered process used to identify the extent of the problem and provide professional termite treatment.

What is our termite treatment process?

  • Termite Inspection – We begin every termite job with a thorough inspection. Our friendly technicians will inspect your property from top to bottom, determining where the infestation may have started, and where it has spread to. Detailed notes and an inventory of evidence allow for the creation of a diagrammatic description.
  • Diagrammatic Description – This detailed diagram of your property aids us in determining likely termite infestation points. We also take detailed notes regarding the spread and damage of your termite infestation. That way we can perform a termite treatment that covers your current infestation and keeps a new one from occurring,
  • Termite Treatment Plan – With a variety of termite control treatment methods at our disposal, our technicians can provide you with the correct treatment methods for your property structure, termite species, and infestation size. Most of our termite treatments in Goodyear come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

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