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Termite TreatmentTermites are more than just a pest. They cause extensive damage in the United States every single year to the tune of 30 billion dollars.

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Termite infestations can be difficult to identify for an untrained eye, there are some signs you can look for though.

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Look for these indications of a termite infestation.

  • Termite Habitation Indicators – Termites infestations may occur primarily out of sight, but that doesn’t make them invisible. Termite droppings are small and pellet like. These can often be found near a nesting area, where termites are consuming wood. You may also smell mildew when termites are present. One of the most common species requiring termite treatment is the Heterotermes variety. These subterranean termites usually get in through cracks in foundations and outer walls.
  • Termite Damage Indicators – Traveling termites need to stay moist. You may need termite treatment in Litchfield Park if you see mud tubes running along your floor, walls, or ceilings. These are used to traverse dry areas. Floors and ceilings may also end up buckling, or you may find water damage. Shredded wood is also a good indicator of termite activity, and any exposed areas that have been eaten will present as a honeycomb pattern.
  • Drywood Termites – This variety is less common but presents similar symptoms. They are frequently known for causing cracks in veneer and producing tunnels in wood. You’ll want to be especially careful when purchasing antique furniture. These are often dry wood termite nesting areas and are an easy way for them to gain access to your house.

Our targeted termite control procedures that get results.

A multi-tiered termite treatment process is designed to deal with the specifics of your infestation. Our termite treatment technicians don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, and evaluate each infestation on its own merits. This includes a thorough termite inspection of your property. We’ll take a detailed inventory of evidence and extensive notes while examining your home or business.

Diagrammatic descriptions allow us to map your infestation.

Once we have completed our inspection we take that information and create a detailed diagrammatic description of your infestation. It’s like a Termite Treatment technician’s roadmap, allowing us to determine a number of factors. These include the termite species type, extent of the infestation, and where it likely began. We take all this and much more into account when creating a personalized termite treatment plan designed to tackle your current problem and prevent future ones.

We use best in practice termite treatment methods.

Our termite control technicians are trained in a variety of termite extermination techniques. Using the latest methods and highest quality treatment options we don’t just treat the source of the problem. Termites can have a wide area, and we’ll treat every area of your property where termites reside. This comprehensive approach provides complete termite relief.

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Many of our termite treatments and pest control in Litchfield Park come backed with a comprehensive 5-year warranty. Stop termite damage at the first sign of it, call or contact us today.

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