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Does your pest control company warranty their termite treatment?

Termite TreatmentDid you know that every single year termites cause roughly 5 billion dollars in damages to property alone?

With such a hefty price tag attached, the simplest way to be sure you won’t be adding your own funds to that estimate is with professional termite treatment and pest control services in Scottsdale from a company you can depend on.

Anteater Exterminating Inc. has been providing Scottsdale with the best in termite treatment since 1995. That’s because our technicians are incredibly experienced and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. It can be tough to identify your termite breed on your own.

Hetrotermes is Scottsdale’s most common species requiring professional treatment. This subterranean species never stops working and colonies are often wide and deep. Without the help of a termite exterminator, it may be too late once you become aware of a termite infestation.

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What do we look for during a termite inspection?

The best way to keep yourself safe from termite damage is with an inspection. Our professional technicians can identify the best course of action by determining the extent of your infestation. Depending on the severity, multiple methods may be used. If you encounter any of the following signs in your Scottdale home, don’t wait to call.

  • Mud Tubes – These can be found hanging on the ceiling, protruding from the ground, or running along floors and walls. Mud tubes are tan in color and used by termites to stay safe and moist while traversing feeding locations.
  • Honeycombed Wood – If you find any wood that has a honeycomb texture inside of it, or sounds hollow when hit with a screwdriver, you may have termites.
  • Swarmers – Swarms of termites are frequently attracted to lights. They may look like flying ants but have longer wings that are near identical in shape and size. If you see these swarms it may be indicative of a nest very nearby.

Your inspector will perform a thorough job, taking careful notes in order to build a map of your infestation for targeted termite control methods. After they are finished they will formulate and execute a termite treatment plan specifically designed for your property and termite type.

What are the best methods for treating termites?

There are many methods used for termite treatment. Depending on the size of and scope of your termite infestation in Scottsdale, Termidor SC® will be applied around the house and potentially beneath concrete and porches. Termites nests can go several stories underground and be up to 150 feet in diameter. Most of our termite treatments come with a 5-year warranty, providing you with comprehensive coverage well beyond the initial treatment. We’re happy to answer any questions regarding extermination you may have and always provide friendly service.

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