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When you first discover that you have unwelcome inhabitants residing in your home it can be very alarming. You wonder how they got there, where else they might be and more than likely they gave you the heebie-jeebies. After your initial squeal and fright, now you have to start thinking about how to get rid of them. Do you go to the store and buy traps and poisons? You could but that might just temper the problem instead of eliminating it. Plus if you have pets or children those traps left out could be extremely harmful to the both of them. Your best bet would be to hire an exterminator. A knowledgeable, experienced, trained and professional exterminator. Anteater Exterminating technicians fit this criteria every member of our team is extremely well-educated on pests of all shapes and sizes and have the skills to handle any job.

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Pest Control Phoenix

Professional Pest Control

If you’re looking for the best pest control Phoenix company then the team at Anteater Exterminating is here for you. As Phoenix residents we know that the summer heat can bring out all kinds of critters from hiding. Having a reliable pest control company provides more than just a bug-free home, it offers assurance that you and your family will always have someone to call if there’s a problem. A pest issue in your home is something that should be dealt with immediately. That’s why having a local, reliable pest extermination company is very important. We know the area, we know the pests that live here and we know how to handle them properly. When you have this kind of problem you want it taken care quickly and effectively, having the right people to do that is essential. Anteater Exterminating is comprised of the best technicians for every pest control problem. And we are a member of the Arizona Pest Management Association (APMA) which means we follow all of the states regulatory guidelines for all of our pest control services.

Anteater Exterminating Inc.Pest Control Offers:

  • Fast, Professional Service
  • Certified, Licensed, and Bonded Technicians
  • Free Termite Inspections
  • Affordable Pest Control Services
  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
  • Ongoing Interval Maintenance

Common Pests

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Bed Bug Treatment Phoenix

Bed Bugs

Bee Control Phoenix


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Rodent Control


Pigeon Control Phoenix


Cockroach Control Phoenix


Rodent Control Phoenix


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Pest Inspection

Pest Inspection

Our first step is to always determine the extent of the pest problem before anything else. This involves much more than a quick once over. Examining the perimeter of your home to establish where and how the critters are getting in is essential to the process. We then use our comprehensive knowledge about where pests live, hide, breed, and feed to locate the source of an infestation. We have specific techniques and procedures that perfect our ability to rid your property of many common pests including spiders, bed bugs, ticks and ants. After our initial assessment our technicians will then explain the situation to you and discuss the plan of action before proceeding. Most simple pest like spiders, ants and cockroaches are easily dealt with under routine pest control. But other pests like fleas, ticks and scorpions are more difficult and require a more extensive treatment plan. Whatever the situation is you can rest easy knowing that Anteater Exterminating is on the job and will handle everything with precision and professionalism.

Service Estimate

Pest Control Service Estimate

After a full assessment has been completed our technicians will discuss which options would work best for you and why. We prefer to lay everything out by providing you with an estimated cost for the suggested treatments. We provide you with multiple options for your treatment including monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annually and special service intervals. You should never be expected to pay for a service without knowing exactly what it is and why you need it. Having a service estimation and explaining the whole process really helps to alleviate stress on your part. Plus there are no hidden fees that are going to surprise you. We want all of our customers to trust us when they need us. So being honest and informative is something we pride ourselves on.

Pest Control Service

Pest Control Service

When we treat your home we start with the hiding places of the critters and then create sort of a protection barrier around your home. To form this barrier, we spray around the entire foundation, the bases of the windows and all the entryways into your house. And if you opt to have the inside of your house treated as well includes treating the doorways, windows, under cabinet areas and other places in your home that our technicians think insects or other pests would hide. We take pride not only in our pest control services but also in our customer service. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We promise to provide you with the most thorough, professional pest extermination service available. Our exterminators provide friendly, knowledgeable service and go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied. That’s why our customers continually refer us to their friends and family.

Pest Control Phoenix

Our Three Steps To Awesome Service

  1. Pest Inspection
  2. Pest Control Service Estimate
  3. Deliver Exceptional Pest Control Service

We Understand How Things Work

Anteater Exterminating has been servicing homes and businesses alike with outstanding pest control since 1995! At Anteater Exterminating you can call and schedule an appointment whenever you need! We usually have appointments available throughout the day but insert a two hour window between each appointment to allow our technicians time for possible traffic. We would also be happy to give you a call when your exterminator are on their way. There are different variables such as your location, home size and extent of the pest problem that can affect the cost of the service. But we do provide you with an accurate estimate for your specific situation. There are some discounts that you can get as well. If you prepay for pest control services for a year we will give you a 5% discount on the total annual price. You can also receive free services for recommending Anteater Exterminating to your friends and family. And don’t forget to check our social media accounts for other special offers and discounts!

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Over 20 Years

I have been using Anteater for over 20 years at my home and at work. They have never let me down and always have a solution to whatever pest problem I might be having, even pigeons!

Ava Shaffer

This Is An Awesome Company!

This is an awesome company! Ask them how the company was started, it’s a great story. Their service is spectacular, quality and value, second to none.


Never A Single Complaint!

I have owned an apartment complex for six years. This company has been servicing pest control (commercial pest control) each month. I have never had a single complaint and their prices are unmatched

Neil G