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At Anteater Exterminating Inc., our team is friendly and knowledgeable. They take the time to do a comprehensive inspection to ensure we catch any and all pests plaguing your home or business.

We discuss our findings with you and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Then, with your approval, we carry out a proven pest control plan aimed at the type of pests you have.

Pest Control in Phoenix

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Phoenix residents know that summer heat can bring all kinds of critters out from hiding. Having a reliable pest control service provides more than just a bug-free home, it offers comfort, and ensures your family’s health! A pest infested home in Phoenix is an emergency. That’s why you want your pest extermination needs to be met by a local, reliable pest control company.

Service Estimation

After our highly-trained exterminators are done assessing your home or office, we provide you with an estimate of costs for our suggested services. You should never be expected to pay for pest control services without first knowing exactly what you’re getting into up front. Our prices are fair and we have a reputation for remedying pest problems quickly, unobtrusively, and most importantly—completely!

Infestation Evaluation

Our first step is always to determine the extent of the problem. This does not just involve a quick once over. Our specialized equipment and extensive knowledge of where pests live, hide, breed, and feed allow us to pinpoint the location of an infestation. We have detailed strategies and methods for ridding your property of many common pests including termites, gophers, and scorpions.

Pest Control Service

Whether you have a problem with termites or rodents, we have the solution. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. It is not just our livelihood on the line, it is yours. We promise to provide you with the most thorough pest control services available. Our exterminators provide friendly, knowledgeable services and go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied. That’s why our customers continually refer their friends and family to us.