Is professional pest control worth it?

Is a pest control exterminator worth it?
This is a question asked by almost everyone before they make the call. Whether or not a professional exterminator from Anteater Exterminating Inc. is worth it depends on how much risk you are willing to take on. DIY extermination can have major and lasting repercussions. Before you decide to take on extermination yourself, consider the following.

What are the dangers of DIY pest extermination?

Pest extermination chemicals are dangerous for your health.

There’s a reason over the counter products are covered in warning labels. If you use them improperly it can be incredibly dangerous. This isn’t just true with initial use. Many extermination products have residual effects. Chemical residue can remain for a very long time. One touch of a treated area will transfer residue from the hand to the eyes, nose, or mouth. Pets and small children are especially vulnerable to poisoning from chemical misuse. That makes a dangerous product even more deadly.

[highlight]Even products marketed as safe can be dangerous.[/highlight] Diatomaceous earth is a popular pest control product. It’s made up of fine granules that tear the carapaces of certain insects. Many homeowners leave piles or trails of it around their home. Only the lightest dusting should actually be used. And then, only in out of the way places. Breathing in this product will create micro-cuts in the tissues of your lungs. Problems may not show up until years later.

Certain pest control products are bad for the environment.

Depending on the product you buy, it may be extremely damaging to the environment. [highlight]Certain chemicals leach into ground water and contaminate soil.[/highlight] That’s not all though. Some states have extremely strict laws on how and where you can use specific pesticides. Attempting DIY pest control and accidentally or purposefully killing honeybees could lead to a serious fine. You might be asking yourself, “Who will report me?” But all it takes is an unhappy neighbor with a camera.

You might make your pest problem even worse.

There is a reason exterminators have to take intense training in order to do their jobs effectively. Pests respond differently to treatment methods. This even varies by pest species. [highlight]Incorrectly treating a pest can cause it to spread, relocate, or even split colonies.[/highlight] Instead of one problem, you may be making more for yourself. It’s crucial to know how pests respond to treatments. More importantly, what do you do if something doesn’t go according to plan? An exterminator knows how to handle these pests and what the outcome of a treatment will be. When you do DIY pest treatment, there are no guarantees.

Why should you hire a professional exterminator?

Should I contact a local exterminator?

  1. Our exterminators undergo extensive training through the Office of Pest Control Management in Arizona.
  2. We use commercial grade extermination products and know how to apply them for maximum effect and safety.
  3. Experience and training provide us with the tools to treat any native and non-native pests you may have.
  4. You get customized pest extermination that takes into account the unique variables of your property.
  5. Application methods target your pest problem and keep your home, family, and pets safer.
  6. Extermination technicians account for variables that can result in split or moving colonies of pests.
  7. We’ll show you practical steps you can take to help prevent the recurrence of pests in your home.
  8. Many of our pest extermination services are warrantied, some for as long as 5 years.
  9. Since we back our work, you won’t have to worry about pests returning. We will handle them if they do.
  10. Our maintenance plans make it easy to get service upkeep and inspections when your home needs it.

That’s just a handful of the reasons you should get service from a professional exterminator. There are quite a few other considerations that homeowners don’t take into account before attempting DIY extermination.

What else can an educated exterminator identify?

We look for other issues that a layman won’t notice. These include:

  • Signs of additional pest activity separate from the target pest.
  • Damage caused by the infestation both inside and outside the home.
  • Ways the pests entered the property and how to seal them.

  • Food, water, and shelter sources for your pest and others.
  • Seasonal variations that can affect the behavior of pests in your area.
  • Items outside the property that make it more attractive for pests.

Should I contact a professional exterminator?

Even if you’re 100% confident you can safely treat your pest problem with DIY methods, you should call an exterminator. If you’re wondering why just ask anyone who’s failed to treat their problem themselves. Every DIY exterminator believes they’ll succeed. We’ve studied how to treat for pests for a reason. It’s an acquired skill. The amount of knowledge you need regarding individual pests, species, and their behaviors is staggering.

Not only that, there’s plenty you can only pick up from years on the job. Arizona is a harsh climate, and pests that inhabit it are naturally resilient. The biggest regret a homeowner will ever have is trying to fix a problem themselves only to make it worse. When it comes to pests, that can result in damage to your property and even long-term consequences to your health. Don’t put yourself and your loved ones in jeopardy. We can help, and we guarantee it. Call or contact us today if you need the services of a skilled local pest exterminator.