The female black widow is very easy to identify. It is jet black in color with a red hour glass marking on the underside of its abdomen. The male black widow is a smaller spider that is covered in what looks like white and kaki camouflage.
Black Widow1
In the Phoenix metro area we have such a large number of black widow spiders that scientists come here more than any other place in the world to study them.

The black widow is a web building and web tending spider, it will construct a web that has no symmetrical shape. The erratic weaving and strong silk are sure signs that the web belongs to a black widow spider.
Black Widow2
Black widows will seldom be seen in their webs during the day. If you want to see them go out at night, turn all your exterior lights off, and shine a flashlight in all the areas that you know their webs are present. In the web most of the time you will see a shiny black widow spider sitting in it waiting for its prey to come along.

If startled the spider will run along the web and disappear in nearby crack or crevice. The black widow spider hides near its web most of the time to avoid danger. If the widow senses the right vibration generated by trapped bugs it will quickly run out from the hiding place pounce on the bug, bite the bug injecting powerful venom and then prepare the unlucky insect to eat at its convenience.
Black Widow3
To control black widows, the highly trained Anteater Exterminating, Inc. technician will locate the webs, flush them out of their hiding places and dispatch them promptly. The Anteater Exterminating, Inc. technician will remove the web and destroy any egg sacks. If there is a black widow web you can be sure there is a spider hiding nearby that constructed it. Sometimes patio furniture, storage play toys have to be turned over and inspected for the presence of hiding widows. The Anteater Exterminating, Inc. technician will perform a thorough hunt for the widows and when done you will have the peace of mind that the widows will be totally controlled.