Wild Birds
Wild birds are not easy to control; some of them are protected by the federal migratory bird act. There is no material that you can utilize to bait for wild birds. In fact when wild birds are present baits cannot even be considered.

Trapping wild birds is again problematic, the birds that are protected by the federal migratory bird act cannot be trapped and it is almost impossible to determine a situation in which you won’t trap the protected birds when targeting for other birds such as sparrows, grackles or finches.

In some select circumstances, sparrow traps can provide aid in helping with the overall problem, although their maintenance requirements are high. In most situations, a gel repellent known as hotfoot is going to be your best option for deterring small finches or grackles or sparrows.

This material holds up in the harsh Arizona environment. It is applied in beads and has a hard protective crystal coat for resilience to the sun and harsh heat here. All other materials wear away rapidly, can turn black, or become unsightly in our Arizona harsh environment. Wild bird control can also be achieved by mechanically excluding the areas on structures where the wild birds are gaining access or nesting. Sometimes it’s where two roofs meet, or roof vent screens have been left off or weathered away and need to be replaced.

Wild Birds3
In any situation, it will need to be evaluated, an effective plan will need to be made, a proposal will be provided that will allow you to determine the most effective way to efficiently deal with the wild bird problem. Wild birds are extremely territorial and can be very persistent. Many companies have tried to control wild birds without the help of a professional and have failed. And the fact is that in some situations you cannot control them. If that is the case, then you have to accept that is their world too and you have to live with them.

For the most part if they are nesting on your structure or getting into certain parts of your structure, then you can take action against them. Once again you have to remember that you can only stop them from nesting or roosting on residential structures. In commercial structures it may be possible to keep them from perching on certain signs or ledges on your structure by using alternative techniques.