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When you need a pest control service in Phoenix there is no time to wait.

Pests like termites and rodents have very short gestation times and multiply with every passing day. When colonies and nests become too large to support their current numbers they often spread further into your property.

This makes the damage to your property progressive. That’s why it is so crucial to have access to a professional, reliable, and skilled extermination professional. Anteater Exterminating Inc. is your complete pest extermination solution and has been ridding Phoenix properties of unwanted guests since 1998.

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Whether you have got pests in your business or your home, we can deal with it. We specialize as both a residential and a commercial exterminator. We understand the unique challenges posed by both. That is why no matter where you need pest control performed, you receive the same extensive treatment.

When it comes to your business or commercial property we realize you may have a continual influx of customers or staff performing duties that cannot be interrupted. Our extermination technicians in Phoenix are highly trained and incredibly experienced. This allows our technicians to perform their duties in the most unobtrusive way possible, so your business operates without any distractions.

When we work on your home we take the same amount of care. Our exterminators will go over every service with you before we perform it to ensure that it will not have an effect on your daily activities. In this way, we can keep your house comfortable for you, while we act as an exterminator for your unwanted guests.

Our local exterminators are comprehensive.

Exterminator PhoenixWe pride ourselves on having the most thorough, comprehensive extermination services in all of Phoenix. Our pest controllers always thoroughly inspect your property to determine where pests are originating from, spreading to, and what damage they have caused.

After this, we provide you with a free estimate for extermination services. This includes all the actions required in order to rid your property of pests. We also explain why they are essential, how much they cost, and how much time we expect it will take.

Each of our experts prides themselves on customer service. It is one of the primary reasons we have so much repeat business and so many fantastic referrals.

We feel that a great exterminator in Phoenix should always keep the customer informed and in the loop, and that is we always work hard to make sure you know how we achieve such incredible results.

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Our pest control staff in Phoenix knows that pests come in all shapes and sizes. Each exterminator is trained, experienced, and fully specialized.

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