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Did you know that there are more species of ants in Arizona than any other state? Some of these can be very destructive to the structure of homes and buildings, others bite or sting and all of them are a nuisance. Some people can be highly allergic to the sting or bite of ants, even going into anaphylactic shock.

Don’t let these threats to your home and health become a factor in your life.

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While you may just want ants to stay out of your kitchen, there are plenty of reasons to seek ant control in Phoenix.

Here are some of the impacts ants can have:

  • They sting and/or bite.
  • Their presence can contaminate food.
  • Ants can invade large areas of your yard, making it difficult to enjoy the outdoors without getting bit.
  • They remove seeds from gardens and lawns.
  • The hungry insects eat away at your plants.
  • They encourage the growth of other problematic insects, such as aphids.
  • Ants can put holes in fabric as well as the rubber insulation on certain wiring.
  • They can kill young poultry birds and cause infection for larger animals.
  • Their travel can transmit bacteria into your home after crawling over fecal matter and other unclean surfaces.
  • They can even cause wood damage.

What does ant control involve?

Phoenix Area Ant Control SpecialistsGet them in the places they live and feed. Our pest control services in Phoenix are never one-size-fits-all. We use specific products and treatment processes that are proven to remove the ants plaguing your home.

Bait and other methods

Our experienced team members know that to eliminate the colony, you have to start with the queen. We use baits to cause the workers to feed her poison. At the same time, we take measures to keep your family safe from any chemicals.

While many ants are easy to locate as they have an ongoing trail leading to their colony, carpenter ants are more difficult to find. They bore into the wood of your home or business and generally stay beneath the surface. They can be more common than termites and just as destructive, if not more so.

Common treatments for carpenter ant control may include:

  1. Injecting the voids in the exterior of your house or business
  2. Spraying the perimeter and foundation of your home or office
  3. Spraying interior baseboards
  4. Treating the and attic

Each home’s ant control process will vary, depending on the location of the specific ants.

At times your ant infestation may only need a single treatment. It will depend on the type of ants you have and the size of the infestation. We ensure total ant control by treating your outbreak with a targeted treatment at the proper areas. Our technicians visit as often as it takes to help you get your home back.

Our exterminators are experienced in ant control in Phoenix and can to devise a plan for your specific situation. That is our commitment to all our pest control customers.