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Bee Exterminator Phoenix

We Are Your Go-To Bee Removal Near Me Service

Bee Exterminator Phoenix

Anteater Exterminating always advises giving the bees a chance to move on. Treatment may be required if the hive causes a public safety concern or is entrenched. Our bee removal specialists try to treat through the opening the bees use to access the inaccessible area. 90% of the time, that works, and it is the least destructive option, so we always try that avenue first. If that fails, a more destructive option may be required. Once the hive is treated, the left-over honeycombs will naturally biodegrade. Generally, it is best to let Mother Nature take care of your bee situation.

Alternatively, Anteater Exterminating always recommends a licensed building contractor if you decide to have the honeycombs extracted. They can open the wall, avoid electrical and plumbing lines, and repair it to its original state. They can do this once the bees are for sure inactive.

Our technicians help with all varieties of pest problems. Whether you need roof rat control or an ant exterminator, you can count on Anteater Exterminating to solve these issues.

Searching for Bee Pest Control Near Me?

Bee extermination services mean eliminating a bee colony or bee hive from a specific location. While bees play a crucial role in pollination and the ecosystem, there are instances when their presence can pose a threat to humans or property. Bee control is typically carried out by a professional bee removal company or pest control experts with the necessary knowledge and extensive experience to remove or destroy the hive safely. It is important to note that bee extermination should only be considered a last resort when other bee removal methods or bee relocation have been deemed ineffective or impossible. Efforts should be made to protect and preserve these essential pollinators whenever possible.

How Do Bees Get In Your Home?

Bee Control in Phoenix

Most bees are beneficial, such as honey bees, and most of the time, they can be removed and relocated. That is always the first best choice. Bees can be relocated when they are more easily accessible, such as clumped up in a ball in a tree or going into an H-block void on a block fence. Occasionally, the bee swarms cannot be removed due to variable factors.

Bees can become entrenched inside a wall void, other structural components, a utility box, or other difficult-to-access area. The queen will find a small opening to access the inaccessible area. The swarm of bee drones will follow her in and begin to pack the void area with honeycombs. When bees are entrenched in this fashion, they cannot be removed. The queen would have to be smoked out, and that will not happen through ½ inch in an inaccessible area.

If the inaccessible area is ripped open to try and get to the queen, it will destroy the hive in the process.

What Types of Bees Are There?

Large black bees are usually carpenter bees. They will burrow into unfinished or exposed wood. Carpenter bees do not eat the wood; rather, they create a bee nest. They are easily treated, and then the holes they create are patched. If the exposed wood is painted over and treated correctly, the carpenter bees will not infest it again. Wood piles and other wood can be stored away from the home to mitigate the carpenter bees.

Hire a Bee Exterminator for Your Home or Commercial Property Today

Anteater Exterminating is proud to announce that in addition to being a member of the Arizona Pest Management Association (APMA), we have recently been awarded the prestigious APMA Excellence in Pest Management Award for our outstanding commitment to following the state’s regulatory guidelines for all of our pest control Phoenix services.

After conducting a thorough assessment of your unique pest situation, our highly skilled bee removal experts will now not only discuss the best options for you but also provide a detailed explanation as to why these particular treatments are recommended. In line with our commitment to transparency, we will also provide you with an estimated cost for each suggested treatment, ensuring that you are fully informed before making any decisions.

Our pest control company understands that dealing with pest issues can be a stressful experience. Our experienced technicians emphasize providing a comprehensive removal service estimation and explaining the entire process to you for peace of mind. By doing so, we aim to alleviate any stress or uncertainties you may have. Furthermore, we assure you that no hidden fees will catch you off guard. We take pride in building trust with our customers, and being honest and informative is at the core of our values. So, give us a call today.

Frequently Asked Bee Exterminator Questions

How do I get rid of bees permanently?
Getting rid of bees permanently involves several steps that should ideally be carried out by professionals to ensure safety and effectiveness:

Identification: First, identify the species of bees you are dealing with. This helps determine the appropriate removal method.
Professional Removal: Contact a licensed pest control service experienced in bee removal. They will inspect the situation, locate the hive, and recommend the best course of action.
Removal Techniques:
-For honey bees and other beneficial species: Removal involves relocating the hive intact, if possible, by beekeepers who specialize in hive relocation.
-For aggressive or problematic species (e.g., Africanized honey bees): Professional extermination may be necessary due to safety concerns.
Preventative Measures: After removal, take steps to prevent future bee infestations, such as sealing entry points, removing attractive nesting sites, and maintaining a clean environment.
Regular Inspections: Schedule regular inspections to catch potential bee colonies early before they become established.

By following these steps and relying on professional expertise, you can effectively address bee problems and reduce the risk of recurrence.