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Roof Rat Control

Whether you’ve heard them in your rafters at night, found them foraging, or stumbled upon a nest, when you need roof rat and pest control service in Phoenix it can’t come soon enough.

Roof rats can be much more skittish and wary than other rodents and rat species. This makes effective control measures a necessity.

With an experienced roof rat control company like Anteater Exterminating Inc. tackling your pest problems, you’ll be roof rat free in no time. If you believe you’re in need of roof rat control, there are some distinct signs and behaviors that differentiate roof rats.

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Roof rat control in Phoenix is such a necessity because roof rats are much more difficult to catch, trap, or bait because of their suspicious nature. They can often be found in bushes, vegetation, trees, and attics. In the outdoors, they frequently feed on small insects, pet food, fruits, and plants. If they have ready access to human food, they will pursue it, and often take up residence in difficult to access areas in a home or business.

Where do roof rats like to nest?

Our roof rat control technicians in Phoenix can identify your specific rodent problem. Since their visual similarities make them difficult to distinguish from the Norway rat for an untrained eye, their behaviors will better help you identify them. There are some common exterior locations where roof rats frequently nest that include:

  • Within or behind wood piles, trash piles, lumber stacks, etc.
  • On fence ledges beneath or behind thick vegetation and overgrown vines.
  • Upper areas of garden and supply sheds.
  • Inside of thickly brushed cavities off or on the ground.
  • In unmanaged palm trees with excess dead fronds.

If an area is lacking in Norway rats, they will often build nests high up in trees, or burrrow beneath the earth in protected, densely vegetated areas.

If your property has exposed areas like gaps or vents, roof rats can get in. The most likely places are attics and overhead areas. Professional roof rat control in Phoenix can combat this scourge, and we treat any areas roof rats can be found including ceilings, wall voids, carports, attics, and soffits.

What kind of damage do roof rats cause?

Like their Norway and Brown counterparts, roof rats spread disease, bacteria, and cause structural damage. A rat’s teeth never stop growing, so they need to continually gnaw in order to keep their teeth at a comfortable length.

Since roof rats primarily nest in difficult to reach locations where electricians often run wires, they frequently cause damage to these areas when left untreated. A minor infestation can turn into costly restoration and repairs without roof rat control.
Roof Rat

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Using modern integrated management techniques for Phoenix roof rat control, we exterminate roof rats on every front, with a variety of methods. Our industry leading methods have been proven to be incredibly effective within the Phoenix environment and we custom design our treatments for your property and situation.

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Our technicians will take into account any concerns regarding pets and children to provide you with safe, efficient, and effective pest control methods. Every day you wait is another chance for roof rats to cause serious property damage and health concerns, so call or contact us for professional roof rat control today.