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Pest Control GlendaleWhen you need pest control in Glendale, AZ you need Anteater Exterminating Inc. With more than 16 years in business, we’ve gone up against every type of pest Glendale can provide. In that time we have perfected our pest control methods in Glendale in order to provide you with a one-stop, complete pest control services solution.

Whether they’re under the house, up in the attic, or hiding in the walls, our technicians will find and eliminate your pest. These unwanted guests can move in at any time. Construction blocks away can push rats towards your home, improper removal of debris makes the perfect home for termite colonies. If you suspect you’re supporting unwanted lodgers, don’t hesitate to call.

Your Complete Pest Control

When you discover the presence of pests it can be a shock. You may be wondering how to handle them, how extensive the damage is, and if you face any health risks. One phone call to us is all you need. Our technicians will schedule a visit with you at the earliest possible convenience in order to provide swift resolution to your pest control problem. We take pest control very seriously, and that’s why we provide a complete pest control solution that includes:
Pest Control Glendale AZ

  • Infestation Evaluation: An evaluation provides our technicians with an opportunity to figure out a number of things. Similar pests can often be mistaken for one another. It’s at this stage where we will determine exactly what pest infestation you are facing. Extensive knowledge of pest signs, patterns, and behaviors allow us to determine the extent of your pest problem.
  • Pest Control Estimation: After a thorough pest assessment our extensively trained technicians will provide you with an estimate for your pest control services. This is at no costs. We believe you’ve experienced enough with your Glendale, AZ pest control problem already, and shouldn’t be required to pay just in order to find out what it will cost for pest control.
  • Pest Control Service: With advanced methods and the latest equipment, our Glendale, AZ pest control technicians are the best around. We’ll treat the entirety of your problem. From termites to scorpions and rats, there’s no pest too great and no infestation too small for you to receive the best pest control available. Our technicians also identify entrance points in your home. When it comes time to treat an indoor pest control problem you won’t have new guests getting in the same way the current ones did.

For exceptional pest control in Glendale, AZ call (602) 910 – 4121 or contact Anteater Exterminating Inc. today.