Termite Control Glendale AZ

Termite Control Glendale AZ

Termite Control
Termites never stop working and are capable of causing severe property damage. Your property continues to suffer while you decide if termite and pest control services in Glendale AZ is the right decision. When you want a reliable solution to your termite problems, trust the professionals at Anteater Exterminating Inc.

When they need termite control, Glendale, AZ residents trust our technicians to do the job right. That’s because we use advanced solutions, and our staff keeps continually updated on industry advancements and tools.

This allows us to use the most effective control methods for Glendale, AZ homes and business owners. Termites aren’t intelligent, and often leave signs of their activity behind them. Look for these indications and if you find any, contact us immediately.

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Symptoms of termites in your house.

  • Droppings – These pellet-shaped droppings can be found around tunnel entrances and nesting sites. They frequently smell like mildew.
  • Mud Tubes – Subterranean termite species create mud tubes to travel in dry environments. These may be found on ceilings, walls, and floors.
What does termite damage look like?

  • Wood Damage – Damaged areas often take on the appearance of a honeycomb. Buckling may occur and ceilings and walls may look swollen and bulbous.
  • Water Damage – Because moist wood is easier for certain species to eat, you may find water damage in addition to termites. It also acts as an attractant for certains species, so if you suffer from water damage get it repaired as soon as possible.
How do drywood termites enter a home?

  • Entry Points – Though this species of termite is much less common than the subterranean variety, it pays to know what to look for. These frequently enter homes by stowing away in old and antique furniture.
  • Signs – Look for cracks in the veneer of any pieces. When the wood is tapped it may sound hollow. Termite pellets can also be found in drawers or around the furniture. This will appear to be 6 sided, 1-2mm, and brown or red in color.

Outr termite control process is as effective as it gets.

  • Treatment always begins with a thorough inspection. For proper termite control, Glendale, AZ properties need to be thoroughly inspected. We’ll ask you what prompted the call, and where you’ve seen activity. Inspections occur both inside and outside, and our technicians are trained to notice even difficult to detect and subtle cues. We’ll look for live specimens, entry points, and damage to identify the scope of the infestation. Careful evidence logging allows us to provide accurate termite control Glendale residents can trust.
  • We identify termite entry, range, and damage. When it comes to termite control, Glendale, AZ exterminators need to use special tools to create a customized control plan. These descriptions act as blueprints and help us map out signs, damage, specimens, and movements. This helps us create a personalized control plan for your property because if a plan isn’t designed around your specific infestation, it’s not good enough for Anteater.
  • Our exterminators design a customized termite treatment plan. For termite control, Glendale deserves the best. We create a unique plan that works with your property constraints and infestation type. We use a multi-tiered approach for the most effective control that may include baits, pesticides, poisons, traps, and more.

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Many of our pest control and termite control services are warrantied for up to 5 years. That’s a guarantee of protection. When you want a reliable local termite and pest control company in Glendale, AZ that creates and carries out an individual treatment plan designed to remove your infestation call or contact us today.