Scorpion Control Glendale AZ

Scorpion Control Glendale AZ

Scorpion Control
Yes. Scorpions have a very fast breeding cycle. A brooding mother can produce as many as 39 young. This occurs 3 times a year, year round. That means a small problem doesn’t stay small for long. Arizona is home to dozens of scorpion species. These include the infamous bark scorpion.

The Scorpion and pest control services that Glendale AZ residents benefit from doesn’t just target venomous scorpions. Even non-venomous varieties can cause minor to major injuries. Professional control methods are the best way to handle an infestation. Choosing the right scorpion control company can make all the difference and that’s why locals choose Anteater Exterminating Inc.

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We’ve created a scorpion management plan that works from the top down. This begins with a broad focus that narrows in on the problem until it is solved. Doing so allows us to provide the most cost-efficient solutions first. Controlling scorpions is all about controlling access.

It’s important to keep them from entering, but it’s also important to keep them from having a place to stay. If scorpions don’t find a satisfactory environment they will move on. This is why infestations are typically worse in naturally landscaped and watered areas. Professional scorpion control that Glendale AZ properties benefit from reduces and then removes areas a scorpion uses to hunt, hide, burrow and brood in safety.

How does the scorpion control process work?

  1. What attracts scorpions? Habor points. This first step can be performed on your own. Harborage areas are where scorpions like to hide or “harbor.” These range from natural features like rocks and crevices to man-made ones. Removing areas of standing debris and outdoor items can reduce places for scorpions to hide. Reduce watering, and do not leaver shoes outside. Platforms should be used for remaining outdoor items. This lets our specialists treat beneath them.
  2. The best prevention is to maintain your scorpion control.  If this doesn’t provide the relief you are looking for, regular control may. Our exterminators will treat areas like entrances, landscaped areas, piping, crevices, and cracks. Depending on the area we will use a specialized treatment. This lays the foundation for lasting Glendale AZ scorpion control.
  3. Intensive treatments are designed to kill scorpions. Intensive treatments begin with analysis. We will find every entry point to your home and harborage area inside and outside. We will treat these areas, and may also treat the attic. This is an area that homeowner may not even realize is compromising their defenses.
  4. Mechanical exclusion keeps scorpions out. This is the final step for complete scorpion fortification. We will physically seal off every harbor and entry point around your home. This will keep scorpions from entering and provide the biggest impact. When scorpions cannot find a way to get in, they are forced to stay outside or move on.

Scorpion Pest Control Services

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You want more from your scorpion control technicians. That’s why ours are certified by the Office of Pest Management in Arizona. We don’t hire until a background check and work verification are passed. Upon hiring our exterminators receive added training. This is is before our frequent ongoing training. Staying on the cutting edge of Glendale AZ scorpion control allows us to perform the latest treatments and control methods.

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Scorpions are indigenous to Glendale. They aren’t going away, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay at your place. We use the latest materials and treatment methods. Our scorpion control is built upon the behavioral science of scorpions and has been proven to be effective. Don’t get stung by an inexperienced company. Call (602) 910-4121 or contact us for scorpion and pest control in Glendale, AZ now.