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Pest Control ChandlerSeveral companies specialize in pest control in Chandler. However, not all of them are known to be reliable or useful. It takes years of experience and a high level of commitment to ensure we perform every pest control service accurately. Not every company follows the same routine and methodology.

When you need pest control, you need Anteater Exterminating Inc. With more than 25 years in business, we’ve gone up against every type of pest Chandler can provide. We are a local pest company that has been in business since 1995. Since that time, we have perfected our pest control methods in Glendale to provide you with a one-stop, complete pest control services solution.

A reliable pest control company is one that is accessible all the time, not just sometimes or over the week. There are several times when you may need to call a pest control company to verify a few details like what pesticide should be used for specific bugs or to check when the contract expires. 24-hour customer service is beneficial, especially because you can speak to the company representative any time you like. Anteater Exterminating Inc. is proud to offer this service.

Professional Pest Control

Pest Control Services Help Eliminate The Following:

Allergic reactions related to insect bites and bee stings. In the US, nearly five million people a year require emergency treatment due to insect bites, and almost two million are allergic to bee stings!

Food waste from rodents. Almost 20% of the world’s food stocks get wasted due to rodent issues.

Rodents spread diseases like the plague, salmonella, rat fever, and leptospirosis. More than forty-five thousand people are bitten annually by rats.

Termites cause more than 5 billion dollars worth of damage across the nation.

Cockroaches and rodents spread allergens. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, this is one of the prime reasons for asthma in children.

We Are Your #1 Chandler Pest Contol Exterminators!


Whether they’re under the house, in the attic, or hiding in the walls, our technicians will find and eliminate your pest. These unwanted guests can move in at any time. Construction blocks away can push rats towards your home; improper removal of debris makes the perfect home for termite colonies. If you suspect you’re supporting unwanted lodgers, don’t hesitate to call.

Scorpion Control

Effective scorpion control comes from a partnership between our customers and our team of exterminators. Some things can be done on the homeowner’s part to protect your home from scorpions. Removing yard debris or places outside where scorpions might be able to hide. To ensure that your home is undesirable to these insects, our technicians will thoroughly walk through your home, inspecting every entry point, and treating everywhere necessary. Setting up physical barriers is an incredibly useful form of pest control. That is why our exterminators are so thorough when inspecting your home for entry points. If the scorpions can’t get in, they will need to find shelter elsewhere. Anteater Exterminating makes it our number one goal to help residents maintain a pest-free home!


There are a variety of rodents that can be harmful to home and business owners. Gophers, deer mice, and roof rats are among the most common culprits. These pests not only cause damage to your property, but they carry many dangerous diseases. Rodents reproduce very quickly; what was only one or two mice could very quickly turn in 50 mice. At the very first sign of a rodent problem, call Anteater Exterminating Inc. Our professional technicians will inspect your property to determine where the pests are coming from, what species they are, and how severe the issue is. With all this information, our team will formulate the most effective rodent control treatment plan. We utilize a variety of methods to ensure your property remains pest-free!


Termites cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage every year. At Anteater Exterminating Inc., we understand that this is devastating to property owners. Our team of technicians works hard to provide residents with the most effective termite control services. The first thing we do is perform a thorough inspection of your home or business to determine the type of termites and severity of the situation. We look for signs of where they have been and where they haven’t gotten to yet to accurately apply treatment methods. Our termite treatments are guaranteed because we want you to have a pest control company that you can trust.


Pest Control Services ChandlerBee extermination can be extremely dangerous. Wasps, hornets, and other species in the bee family can sting multiple times and defend their territory aggressively. At Anteater Exterminating Inc., our technicians have years of training and experience to perform these tasks effectively and safely. Our goal is to remove any threat to you, your family, your home, or business. To exterminate any pests, you need to have a broad knowledge of how that species operates. With this information, we know which methods and products are the most effective. After an inspection of your home or business, we will easily be able to formulate the most effective pest control plan. DIY hive removal can end very badly and is not nearly as effective as professional methods. Residents trust anteater Exterminating Inc. for bee extermination.


At Anteater Exterminating Inc., our technicians have thorough training about different species of ants and how they operate. This knowledge allows our team to provide the most effective pest control methods. When our staff inspects your home or business for ants, they can identify which type is present and how severe the problem is. With this information, we can formulate an effective method that will eliminate the ants from the source. Other methods, like sprays, only kill the worker ants. For complete ant control, we need to kill the queen of the colony. The best way to ensure that she dies is to use potent ant bait that the worker ants carry back to her. Our exterminators have the knowledge and experience to know how each colony operates and the best application methods for that species. In the pest control business, knowledge is power. Anteater Exterminating Inc. uses quality products to provide the best results. We are a trusted and reliable pest control company.


The team of technicians at Anteater Exterminating Inc. has the knowledge and experience to deal with a wide range of pests. Cockroaches are among the most common pests in homes and businesses. German, American, and Brown-Banded Cockroaches are the most common species. Unfortunately, cockroaches are both the most common and the most difficult pest to eliminate. They are fast breeders, excellent hiders, are nocturnal. All of these characteristics are what make them so hard to remove. Having cockroaches in your home should not be taken lighting; they often carry diseases such as salmonella and E. Coli. At the very first sign, call Anteater Exterminating Inc. Our staff members have years of experience handling a wide variety of cockroach related problems. We understand how unnerving it can be to have these unwelcomed guests in your home. We work quickly and effectively to get your home back to being pest-free!


When you discover the presence of pests, it can be a shock. You may be wondering how to handle them, how extensive the damage is, and if you face any health risks. One phone call to us is all you need. Our technicians will schedule a visit with you at the earliest possible convenience to provide swift resolution to your pest control problem. We take pest control very seriously, and that’s why we offer a complete pest control solution that includes:

Pest Control Evaluation

An evaluation provides our technicians with an opportunity to figure out several things. Similar pests can often be mistaken for one another. It’s at this stage where we will determine what pest infestation you are facing. Extensive knowledge of pest signs, patterns, and behaviors allows us to determine the extent of your pest problem.

Pest Control Estimation

After a thorough pest assessment, our extensively trained technicians will provide you with an estimate for your pest control services- this is at no cost. We believe you’ve experienced enough with your Chandler pest control problem already, and shouldn’t be required to pay to find out what it will cost for pest control.

Pest Control Service

With advanced methods and the latest equipment, our Chandler pest control technicians are the best around. We’ll treat the entirety of your problem. From termites to scorpions and rats, there’s no pest and no infestation too small for you to receive the best pest control available. Our technicians also identify entrance points in your home. When it comes time to treat an indoor pest control problem, you won’t have new guests getting in the same way the current ones did.

Chandler Resident’s Choice For Pest Control

With all of the exterminators in the area, what makes Chandler stand out? The sheer volume of the pests that we cover means that you can come to us for every problem. We’re very punctual and respectful of your time and your property. Our pest control technicians leave your home looking as lovely as it was when we got there. We stand by our work and guarantee our results to give you peace of mind after our visit.

All you have to do is give us a phone call or fill out the convenient contact form on this site. We set you up with a discounted consultation to determine the best solution for your pest control needs. Don’t let another day go by where you put up with pests. Call Anteater Extermination now for pest control in Chandler.