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Efficient Pest Control in Chandler, AZ

When you have a pest problem, nothing else matters but getting rid of them. Unwanted critters can spread disease, create unhygienic conditions, or just be unsightly annoyances. Fortunately, you have a partner when it comes to pest removal. Here at Anteater Exterminating, we are very experienced at getting vermin out of your building. We’re your one solution for pest control in Chandler, AZ Keep reading to see what we can get done for you.

Pest Control Chandler AZ

Rodent Exterminators

Rodents are a problem everywhere, even here in Chandler. They get into your food, chew holes in your drywall, and cause all sorts of other inconveniences. Here at Anteater, we can provide a pest control solution for all sorts of rodents, including:

  • Pack Rats
  • Mice
  • Deer Mice
  • House Mice

It’s tempting to try and get rid of rodents on your own, but you’re better off calling in an exterminator. Rats especially are very hardy. If you poison or injure them, they can make it back into your walls and die there. This leaves your house with a rotten smell. Our pest control methods keep rats from dying in your walls.


If there’s one thing about the heat here in Chandler, it’s that bugs can thrive in it. There are a million reasons to want them gone. With thousands of different insects causing trouble, it requires nearly as many pest control strategies to get rid of them. Here are some of the species that we can take care of:


You don’t see them, but you hear them. These critters live in your walls and they chew up the wood in the frame. If you don’t get them taken care of right away, they can cause your home to crumble. Our pest extermination methods kill the queen, which then causes the whole colony to fail.

Spiders and Scorpions

Arachnids are a major pest. You no longer have to deal with the stings of scorpions and the bites from spiders. Just call in Anteater Extermination and we’ll come to clear them out. It’s important to get us on the job as soon as possible because these creatures can lay hundreds of eggs. Just a mating pair can turn into a disaster in no time.

Bed Bugs

Don’t let the bed bugs bite; have us kill them. These pests hide in your pillows and below the blankets. While they don’t transmit illnesses, bed bugs do cause pain and can make you stay awake throughout the night. We know the best pest extermination methods to clear your home of them.

Extermination Service Chandler

The Anteater Difference

Why should you choose Anteater as your exterminator? We have a proven track record of success. Our team members guarantee their results and follow up to make sure that your building is clear of unwanted critters. Many of our clients recommend us to their friends and family or use us for repeat business. Don’t give up your home to invaders, call us or fill out the contact form on this site whenever you need pest control in Chandler.