Scorpion Control Phoenix

Scorpion Control Phoenix

Scorpion Control
The Scorpion lives a very cryptic life; they hunker down during the day, hiding deep in cracks and crevices in and around your home. They are generally nocturnal and most active during night time.

Luckily, the technicians at Anteater Exterminating Inc. specialize in scorpion and pest control services in Phoenix.

A Scorpion will brood holes, under rocks, in the h-block piers, within block fences, in the cracks along the foundation where it abuts the wall, in cracks where the roof overhang meets the wall, around electric fixtures, and in dark secluded areas.

Because the scorpion can harbor deep in cracks, crevices, or holes they are difficult to reach and therefore Scorpion Control is difficult. They are active year round. They may not breed as much in the winter as in the summer but they are always a persistent problem, every month of the year.

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The female scorpion does carry their young on their back; if a brooding mother enters your home she can bring 25-39 babies with her. The young scorpion just jumps off when they are developed enough to fend for themselves, grow and reproduce.

Arizona scorpion commonly infest structures

Their characteristics include:

  • 2.3 to 2.6 inches long.
  • Easily recognized by their enlarged pincer-like claws.
  • Have a thin tail tipped with a stinger.
  • Mainly nocturnal coming out to hunt at night.
  • Give live birth and the young look exactly like the adults, only smaller.
  • The mother produces 25-39 young that climb on her back and remain there for 5 to 15 days.
  • Can give birth 2 to 3 times a year.
  • Lifespan can be 3 to 6 years.
  • Maturity is attained in 3 to 4 years.

A female scorpion can give birth to 468 babies in her lifetime, in an entire lifetime the female can be responsible for the birth of 3042 babies through repeated offspring!

Does your neighborhood have a scorpion problem?

Depending on where you live and the environment, they may be a bug you encounter from once in a while to many times a day. Some people are lucky and do not have a scorpion problem and may never, while the neighbor across the park is infested. If you live along a wash, by a golf course, on the side of a mountain, against the desert, or in an area that has harborage for the scorpion, then you are sure to have some degree of the problem. There are certain neighborhoods that just have an unlucky problem with a scorpion infestation. Scorpions can infest Phoenix neighborhoods that never had historic issues; they can be brought in by neighbors who move in from a Phoenix neighborhood having a scorpion issue, be brought in when landscape materials are delivered, or just move in. In Arizona, the scorpion is a major issue. Scorpions will crawl up and down walls very easily. You may spot them hanging upside down on your ceiling or hanging on the side of your wall, scurrying around in an overhead light fixture, behind stored items when you move them, in between the sheets on your bed, in your shoes, or anywhere they can readily crawl into.

What are the levels of scorpion control methods?

Scorpion Control Services

  1. The first level of Scorpion Control is harborage elimination. If you have lots of items piled around your yard or in your home, pick them up or remove them. If you have dense overgrown shrubs or trees, then trim or cut them back. If you have anything on the ground and you cannot move it, then elevate it so it is on piers or legs. This will minimize harborage and allow treatment underneath the area. If items are up stacked against walls outside or inside move them away permanently. Use common sense when moving items in your yard, garage, or shed. Do not leave your shoes outside or by the doors. Control watering in your yard and minimize it.
  2. The second level of scorpion control is to have a regular scorpion control service on your home and outside environment. A regular maintenance Phoenix scorpion control service will keep all bug activity under control. The less food source you have, the fewer scorpions you will have. We will perform treatment around the perimeter of your home, treat the cracks and crevices along the fence line, treat landscaped areas, and treat around pipes, doors, windows, and other openings. A service technician has the knowledge to know what materials to use and uses them effectively. Regular maintenance is the foundation of a good scorpion control program.
  3. The third level is to do a scorpion intensive once or twice a year. We’ll perform a thorough scorpion control intensive, and pay close attention to every detail. Special emphasis is given to identification of the scorpions, where the scorpions have harborage, and how the scorpions are gaining access to your home in Phoenix. During a scorpion intensive, we use a material that has a guaranteed effect on scorpions both quickly and long lasting. The attic can also be dusted. Scorpions may not live or harbor in your attic but they will crawl into it and travel through it to get inside your home. Scorpions will crawl through your attic all year round. A yearly dusting of the attic will ensure maximum Scorpion Control.
  4. The highest level of scorpion control is mechanical exclusion. There is nothing you can do that will have a greater impact on scorpions or other insects than to seal your home and eliminate harborage so they cannot enter. No amount of scorpion control in Phoenix will make a bigger impact on controlling scorpions than mechanical exclusion. Mechanical exclusion involves a lot of material, techniques, and processes.

What is the best process for controlling a scorpion infestation?

If scorpions are what you are targeting, if scorpions are your concern, if you want to get rid of scorpions we suggest doing the scorpion intensive right away. After an intensive scorpion extermination, a regular schedule for scorpion control for your Phoenix home should be set up and maintained.

We can perform a visual inspection when we are doing the scorpion intensive and our scorpion control technician will provide you with a proposal that will contain all pertinent information about the amount of scorpion activity in and around your home as well as the suggested route to maintain positive control of scorpions, including mechanical exclusion.

The truth is that you will never be scorpion free because scorpions are indigenous to Arizona. You can, however, control and manage a scorpion problem. Our company utilizes and practices, the most advanced and up-to-date methods in order to produce maximum results. EXPECT THE BEST!

How do we locate scorpions?

Backlights cause scorpions to become fluorescent and stand out like a sore thumb. Backlighting should be performed on a night with no moon at all and all lighting should be left off. After a few hours of darkness, the scorpions will crawl out of their hiding places and sit in the open. When black lighting is done and a scorpion is spotted, it should be manually dispatched or sprayed directly. A black light scorpion treatment is a good way to determine the actual level of scorpion problems within your environment and reduce numbers. Our backlight scorpion pest control services can be done to augment and increase the effectiveness of other scorpion control services. Call or contact us today.