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Scorpion Control Phoenix

Do You Have Arizona Scorpions in Your Home?

Scorpion Control Phoenix

Scorpions live a very cryptic life; they hunker down during the day, hiding deep in cracks and crevices in and around your home. They are generally nocturnal and most active during nighttime. All types of species of scorpions brood holes, under rocks, in the h-block piers, within block fences, in the cracks along the foundation where it goes along the wall, in cracks where the roof overhang meets the wall, around electric fixtures, and in dark, secluded areas. Because scorpions harbor in cracks, crevices, or holes, they are difficult to reach and, therefore, difficult to control. Scorpions are active year-round. They may not breed as much in the winter as in the summer, but they are always a persistent problem every month of the year. We also provide pest control in Goodyear, Avondale, Buckeye, Chandler, and other surrounding cities.

Scorpion Exterminator Information

Female scorpions carry their young on their back; if a brooding mother enters your home, she can bring 25-39 babies with her. The young scorpions jump off when they are developed enough to fend for themselves, grow, and reproduce.

Characteristics of Arizona scorpions:

  • Common scorpion types: bark scorpions, stripe-tailed scorpion, and yellow ground scorpions.
  • 2.3 to 2.6 inches long.
  • They are easily recognized by their enlarged pincer-like claws.
  • Have a thin tail tipped with a stinger.
  • Mainly nocturnal, coming out to hunt at night.
  • Give live birth, and the young look exactly like the adults, only smaller.
  • Mother produces 25-39 young that climb on her back and remain there for 5 to 15 days.
  • Can give birth 2 to 3 times a year.
  • Life span can be 3 to 6 years.
  • Maturity is attained in 3 to 4 years.

Looking for Effective Scorpion Control Near Me?

Depending on where you live and the environment, scorpions may be a pest you encounter from once in a while to many times a day. Some people are lucky and do not have a scorpion problem and may never, while the neighbor across the park is infested. There are certain neighborhoods that just have an unlucky problem with scorpion infestations. Scorpions can infest neighborhoods that never had historical issues; they can be brought in by neighbors who move in from a neighborhood having a scorpion issue, be brought in when landscape materials are delivered, or just move in. In Arizona, scorpions are a major issue.

Scorpion Control Goes in Levels

1. The first level of control is harborage elimination. If you have many items piled around your yard or in your home, pick them up or remove them. If you have dense, overgrown shrubs or trees, trim or cut them back.

Scorpion Pest Control Phoenix

2. The second level of scorpion control is to have a regular maintenance pest control service for your home and the outside environment. Anteater Exterminating, Inc. will perform treatment around the perimeter of your home, treat the cracks and crevices along the fence line, treat landscaped areas, and treat around pipes, doors, windows, and other openings.

3. The third level is to do a scorpion intensive once or twice a year. Anteater Exterminating, Inc. will perform a thorough scorpion control intensive and pay close attention to every detail. During a scorpion intensive, we use a material that has a guaranteed effect on scorpions both quickly and long-lasting.

4. Mechanical exclusion is the ultimate solution for scorpion control. To effectively combat scorpions and other insects, there is no better approach than sealing your home and eliminating their hiding spots to prevent their entry. No scorpion control method can rival the effectiveness of mechanical exclusion in controlling scorpions.

Our Backlighting Exterminating Technique

Backlighting is known to make scorpions glow and stand out, making them easily visible. To perform backlighting effectively, it is recommended to choose a night with no moonlight and turn off all other sources of light. After a few hours of darkness, scorpions will emerge from their hiding spots and stay in the open. Once the scorpions are spotted under the black light, they should be manually disposed of or sprayed directly. Utilizing black-light scorpion treatment effectively assesses the extent of scorpion issues in your surroundings and reduces their numbers. Anteater Exterminating, Inc. offers backlight scorpion services to enhance and reinforce other scorpion control measures.

The Search for Scorpion Pest Control Near Me Is Over

If your main focus is on scorpions and you desire to eliminate them, Anteater Exterminating, Inc. recommends promptly scheduling a scorpion-intensive treatment plan. Following this treatment, it is advised to establish and consistently maintain a regular scorpion control service.

During the scorpion intensive, Anteater Exterminating conducts a visual scorpion inspection and provides a proposal with detailed information on scorpion activity in and around your home. This proposal also includes recommended methods, such as mechanical exclusion, to effectively control scorpions and maintain a scorpion-free environment. Contact us today for effective treatments!

Get Your Local Pest Control Phoneix Services with Us

The truth is that you will never be scorpion-free because scorpions are indigenous to Arizona. You can, however, control and manage a scorpion problem. Our pest control professionals also offer other services such as ant control, bed bug treatment, rodent control, and other unwanted pest issues. Anteater Exterminating, Inc. utilizes and practices the most advanced and up-to-date methods in order to produce maximum results.