Bed Bug Treatment Avondale

Bed Bugs in Avondale

Bed Bug Treatment AvondaleJust the thought of bed bugs is enough to frighten many, especially when they own a home or business. Bed bugs can spread very quickly, hitchhiking their way from one property to another.

If you’ve been the victim of a bed bug infestation, take a proactive approach. Anteater Exterminating Inc. performs bed bug treatment and pest service control that Avondale residents can trust. Our specialists know where bed bugs live, how an infestation spreads, and, most importantly, how to treat bed bugs properly.

Bed Bug Information

Bed bugs are small insects that are very skilled at hiding and hitchhiking. They are common in residential homes and in hotels and not just the rundown ones you see on the TV shows. You can find bed bugs in even the most delightful hotel rooms. Because of the high circulation of people that go through those buildings daily, they require regular bed bug treatments. In homes, bed bugs become introduced by hitching a ride on your clothing or in your luggage. When people come home from a vacation or a child returns from college, these are all a free ride for bed bugs. If you are worried, always wash your clothes with hot water and a high-heat drying cycle when you come home from out of town.

Complete Bed Bug Treatment

Although bed bugs are not known for carrying diseases, their presence is still extremely bothersome. They bite the exposed skin of sleeping victims, and these cause itchy red welts. When you delay bed bug control in Avondale, you and other property owners may unwittingly spread an infestation. Doing this can affect friends and family, keeping the cycle active. If you suspect you are dealing with an infestation, look for these indicators.

Identifying Bed Bugs

How do you identify bed bugs? They are flat in appearance, reddish-brown or brown, and shaped like an oval. Their length ranges from 1/6th to 1/8th of an inch. About the size of an apple seed.

Where are they in the home? Look for bed bugs underneath and around mattresses, in electronics, in wall cracks, outlets, and around warm areas like heaters.

What do they leave on the bed? When sleeping, people move at night; they frequently crush bed bugs beneath mattresses and sheets. Look for red spots that look like dried blood; this can indicate the presence of bed bugs.

Is that from a bed bug? When bed bugs hatch from their eggs, they leave small pearly white casings behind. You may also find molted exoskeletons from growing bugs.

What about bed bug waste? Often you can find this at the creases on the bottom of a mattress and resembles ground black pepper.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs and mosquitos both feed on the blood of humans and animals. But blood has a natural property in it called coagulants. This substance helps our blood clot up when we have a cut or scrape. It helps to stop the bleeding, so we don’t continue to lose blood. Both mosquitos and bed bugs have anticoagulants in their saliva that they inject before they feed to prevent the blood from clotting, restricting them from eating. Most people don’t have a severe reaction to the anticoagulants, while others will wake with considerable irritating rashes. With prolonged exposure to bed bug bites, most people will begin to develop a rash regardless of their sensitivity to the anticoagulants. If you start to have small, itchy bites call Anteater Exterminating Inc. Our trained technicians know what to look for and will help you rid your home of bed bugs once and for all.

OPM Certified Bed Bug Treatment

When it comes to bed bug control, Avondale pest control professionals know best. We’ve been combating this ever-growing problem since we first opened in 1995.

Our technicians know how to identify the scope of an infestation, and can provide useful and reliable treatment. We can do this because our technicians receive certification by the Office of Pest Management and specialized training in bed bug treatment.

Because of this, we have an edge when combating these resilient insects, and it allows us to customize bed bug treatments for your home or business. Our vast knowledge of available treatment methods means we always use the right application for the job.

Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

Bed Bug Removal in AvondaleFor any pest problem, a partnership between yourself and your exterminator is the most effective pest control. Pesticides and other methods can only do so much. By working together and using preventative maintenance techniques and other helpful tips that your exterminator suggests, your home will remain pest-free. When it comes to bed bugs, some preparation is required before the treatment process can happen.

Furniture should be moved away from the walls because bed bugs are very good at hiding. To ensure thorough treatment, every area of the room should be accessible. Doing this also means removing all clothing and other articles from the closet, dressers, nightstands, and anything else where bed bugs can hide. Cleaning all linen and clothes with the hottest water temperature and dryer setting should be sealed in clean bags to prevent recontamination. You should thoroughly vacuum all of the rooms before treatment. Using an angled attachment to get into small crevices is extremely useful. You want to clean the bedding, carpets, sofas, baseboards, and anything else that could be harboring bed bugs. You must discard the contents of the vacuum after each use to prevent the bed bugs from spreading to another part of the house. Some people decide on throwing away their mattress and box spring to eliminate any possibility of remaining bed bugs. If you choose to do this, make sure to slash or do other means of damage to both of them to ensure no one else uses them and spreads the infestation. After that, wrap them in plastic before removing them from the room. Moving uncovered beds can cause bed bugs and their eggs to fall off during transport and spread throughout the home.

It is unfortunate that bed bugs are widespread and also very difficult to eliminate. Fortunately, Anteater Exterminating Inc. is skilled and experienced in dealing with these particular pests. Our treatments are effective, and exterminators know what to look for and how to handle every pest control situation.

Commercial Bed Bug Treatment

It’s unfortunate, but due to the nature of bed bugs, many businesses require ongoing treatment plans. For hospitality-based companies like hotels, dormitories, and apartment complexes, this is even more imperative. We provide continuing treatment service and can train your employees in bed bug reduction methods that can make a real impact. Doing this helps minimize the chance of outbreaks in the future, which is suitable for everyone.

Bed Bug Prevention

If you have bed bugs, you will want to give us a call immediately. Trying to rid your home of bed bugs by yourself is extremely difficult as they are very tiny and skilled hiders. If any of the bed bugs survive, they will reproduce and continue to terrorize your home. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do in conjunction with our bed bug control methods that will help to eradicate your house.

Keeping bedrooms clean and uncluttered is the first and most crucial step in eliminating bed bugs. Messy homes are not the only victims to bed bugs; they can find their way into immaculate houses and hotels via clothing or luggage. Bed bugs die in extreme heat, and it is the most effective way of eliminating them. If you have bed bugs, anything in the contaminated rooms that can go through the washer and dryer should; including stuffed animals, clothes, and shoes. Wash everything with the hottest water and dryer-cycle setting.

Brushing and vacuuming the bed will help remove the bed bugs and any potential eggs that they have laid. Always empty the vacuum and trash can immediately after cleaning so the bed bugs don’t have a chance to spread anywhere else int he home. Repairing cracks in the walls and patching any holes where bed bugs can hide is another helpful way to prevent these tiny pests. Bed bugs like the warmth; that is why people find them in their beds. Since they are nocturnal and only feed at night when people are asleep, they can typically be found in other warm areas during the day, like next to heaters.

Local Bed Bug Pest Control

If you have bed bugs, don’t wait and try to treat them yourself. These tiny pests are challenging to remove with home treatments. Call Anteater Exterminating Inc. today! We are trained and skilled in dealing with bed bugs and will work directly with you to create a plan of action. Working with Avondale residents and business owners, we are confident that we can keep your residence and place of business pest-free! Give us a call today and let us help you!