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Bed Bug Treatment AvondaleJust thinking about bed bugs is enough to make anyone start feeling itchy. Bed bugs are sneaky hitchhikers and can spread rapidly by hiding in luggage and electronic devices.

If you think your property has been assaulted by a bed bug infestation, there’s not time to wait. Anteater Exterminating Inc. is your source for effective local bed bug treatment and pest control service that Avondale residents can rely on.

Our technicians are trained and experienced at preventing, identifying, and eliminating bed bug infestations in residences and commercial properties.

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Can I spread bed bugs to others?

Bed bugs can eliminate even the possibility of a good night sleep. They feed on blood, biting any areas of skin left exposed. In addition to painful and itchy welts, they can even transmit diseases like Chagas.

When they delay extermination, Avondale residents may unwittingly spread an infestation to the homes of friends and family. If you are unsure whether you are facing a bed bug infestation, look for these common signs.

Bed bug symptoms and signs.

Bed bug appearance. Featuring flat oval-shaped bodies, bed bugs are typically colored brown to reddish brown. They grow between 1/6th to 1/8th of an inch.

Where do bed bugs hide? Bed bugs got their name for a good reason. They frequently live beneath and around mattresses. This isn’t the only place they hide. Bed bugs like warm areas around heaters and often hide in electronics and outlets.

Blood stains from bed bugs. After bed bugs feed they are often crushed underneath sleeping humans. This creates spots of dried blood that can be found underneath mattresses and sheets.

Egg moltings and casings.: Hatching bed bugs leave behind egg casings. These pearl shaped specs are tiny and white. Also look for exoskeletons from molting insects.

Bed bug poop on the mattress: This can be found in the creases of your mattress. It looks similar to ground black pepper.

Get bed bug treatment at home in Avondale.

Bed Bug Treatment Avondale AZWhen it comes to bed bug treatment, Avondale pest control technicians with our company know how to correctly treat your property. With certifications in bed bug treatment from the Office of Pest Management, our employees have been specifically trained to deal with this growing threat.

Our bed bug extermination technicians can correctly identify an infestation, and formulate a customized and effective treatment plan for your property.

We’ve been providing bed bug treatment that people trust since 1995. Our extensive training and experience is complemented by state of the art tools and treatment methods. This allows us to provide the right applications and best tactics.

Treatments can even vary between rooms, and with our certified technicians providing it, you’ll always get the safest treatment option available.

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For many commercial business owners, it makes sense to formulate a bed bug treatment plan. Our plans are tailored to you and effectively prevent and catch infestation in at-risk buildings like dorms, apartments, and hotels.

Our scheduled bed bug treatment Avondale services are performed when it’s most convenient for you. We are also happy to train your staff in prevention and safety methods that can reduce occurrences of infestation.

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