Bed Bug Treatment Goodyear

Stop bed bugs before they spread.

Bed Bug Treatment GoodyearJust the thought of bed bugs causes many business and homeowners to break into a cold sweat.

Bed bugs can quickly spread, often stowing away in luggage as they hitchhike from one property to another. If you believe your property is infested with bed bugs, you want to act as soon as possible. Anteater Exterminating Inc. provides bed bug treatment and pest control service that Goodyear residents can depend on.

Our technicians understand how infestations become widespread, where bed bugs live, and most importantly, how to effectively get rid of them.

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Bed bugs can make your last good nights rest a distant memory. They bite exposed skin, and can even transmit harmful diseases like Chagas. When they delay bed bug and pest control, Goodyear residents may unknowingly spread the infestation to the residences of friends and family.

If you are undecided about whether or not you require bed bug treatment, these signs may help you narrow down the problem.

How do I know if I have bed bugs?

What do they look like? Bed bugs are flat, with bodies shaped like an oval pancake. Their color ranges from brown to brown with red hues. They grow in length from 1/6th to 1/8th of an inch.

Where are they hiding? Bed bugs are named for a reason. They are often found around and beneath mattresses. They like warm areas and are small enough to hide in electronics, wall cracks, outlets, and heaters.

Why is there blood on my sheets? Sleeping humans often crush bed bugs as the bugs return to hiding after feeding. These will create dried blood spatters located on and under sheets and mattresses.

Do bed bugs molt? When bed bugs hatch they leave egg casings behind. These often appear in clusters and are small pearl-shaped, and white. Growing bed bugs leave dried exoskeletons behind, which is a good indication of an infestation.

What does bed bug feces look like? Most often found in mattress creases, their feces looks like ground black pepper.

Bed Bug Exterminators

Our technicians are certified to provide bed bug treatment.

When it comes to bed bug extermination our professionals in Goodyear know how to do it right. Our pest control technicians are certified by the Office of Pest Management and specifically trained in bed bug treatment. We’ve been on the front lines eradicating bed bugs since 1995.

Our extermination professionals can identify the scope of an infestation, and formulate an effective plan personalized for your property.

This training gives us the edge when carrying out bed bug treatments that Goodyear property owners depend on. All the necessary tools are on hand, and we continually update ourselves on the latest treatment methods. That way we can provide the right application for the job and always use the most effective tactics.

Rooms require different methodology and solution strengths, especially when children and pets are involved. With help from our certified technicians, you’ll get the safest treatment options available.

Get bed bug prevention training for your business!

For many business owners, an ongoing bed bug treatment plan is the most sensible option. This is an effective way to catch and prevent infestations in businesses like hotels, dorms, and apartment complexes. We provide local businesses with scheduled bed bug treatment Goodyear services. Our technicians will also train your staff in safety methods that can further reduce bed bug recurrence in the future.

When you need thorough, reliable, and certified bed bug treatment in Goodyear, call or contact us today.