Bed Bug Treatment Litchfield Park

Our bed bug treatment gets rid of bed bugs fast.

Bed Bug Treatment Litchfield ParkEven the mention of bed bugs can be enough to concern many home and business owners. Bed bugs spread notoriously quickly. They frequently hide in luggage, hitchhiking their way from one property to the next.

If you believe you have a bed bug infestation, acting fast is your best option. Anteater Exterminating Inc. provides bed bug treatment and pest control service in Litchfield Park residents can believe in.

Our technicians are extensively trained and experienced at bed bug prevention, identification, and elimination in both commercial and residential environments.

What does a bed bug bite do to you?

Bed bugs can ruin even the concept of a good night sleep. They survive by feeding on blood. This is accomplished by biting any areas of exposed skin.

Bites cause itchy red welts on humans, and can even transmit the disease Chagas. When they delay bed bug extermination, Litchfield Park property owners may unknowingly spread an infestation. Friends and family may be affected, continuing the cycle. If you suspect an infestation but are not sure, check for these common signs.

What are the symptoms of a bed bug problem?

Appearance: Bed bug bodies are flat like a pancake and oval in shape. Coloring falls between brown and reddish brown. Bed bugs grow anywhere from 1/6th to 1/8th inches.

Hiding Places: Bed bugs often live and hide around and underneath mattresses. They prefer areas of warmth, and can frequently be found inside heaters as well as outlets and electronic devices.

Blood Spatter: When bed bugs are finished feeding they go back to hiding. Sleeping occupants may crush them during the night. Finding dried red spots on mattresses or sheets can be a good indicator.

Egg Moltings and Casings: Egg casings are left behind after bed bugs hatch. These look like small white pearls. Dried exoskeletons from growing and molting bed bugs may also be found.

Feces: Look in mattress creases and corners. Feces will have the appearance of ground pepper.

Call now for certified bed bug treatment in Litchfield Park.

When it comes to bed bug treatment, Litchfield Park technicians we employ know how to thoroughly treat your property. They receive in-depth training and certifications from the Office of Pest Management. This allows for the creation and execution of effective, targeted, and customized treatment plans for our clients.

We’ve been performing bed bug treatments since 1995. We only use state of the art methods and engage in ongoing training to keep at the forefront of bed bug treatment.

Methods can even vary between rooms, and we’ll always use the best tactic for the area. Our certified technicians always provide the safest treatment options available.

Combat bed bugs with commercial bed bug prevention training!

Bed Bug Treatment in Litchfield ParkA custom bed bug treatment plan is a great way for commercial business owners to be pro-active.

We tailor plans for your needs in order to effectively prevent, catch, and control infestations. This is especially useful in high-risk buildings like apartments, hotels, and dormitories.

Our scheduled bed bug treatment services in Litchfield Park are carried out at your convenience. Our technicians are also glad to train your staff in bed bug safety and prevention methods. These can greatly reduce the chance of an infestation.

When you need reliable, complete, and certified bed bug treatment and pest control in Litchfield Park, call or contact us today.