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Does a hive require professional bee removal?

Certain species of bees can become pests in and around homes.

At Anteater Exterminating Inc., we specialize in bee removal and other pest control services in Phoenix.

Some species are important primarily because of their ability to inflict stings, while others may also cause structural damage as a result of their nest-building activities.

Bees become a major concern when a feral hive takes up residence on a property occupied by humans.

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Why are there bees in your home?

A feral or wild hive of bees will have a queen that all the drones will follow and you should strongly consider calling a pest control specialist for bee removal.

The estranged hive is just looking for a safe, new home. The feral hive will remain in transit until the queen locates a sustainable place for her brood.

A lot of times when a wild hive lands in a tree, a bush, on the side of a structure, on the ground, or just about anywhere that is convenient the queen is simply resting herself and her buzzing brood.

If the brood does not have protection from the environment it cannot stay long. As with all natures’ creatures, protection from the sun, rain, wind and cold are essential to survival. Usually, if you leave the hive alone and just wait until the next day it will move on.

Once in a while, it can take a few days. If the bees are not in a sensitive area and you feel comfortable waiting a few days to see if the hive will leave, can save you money and preserve a beneficial hive of busy bees.

If the queen finds protection from the environment, the hive will take up residence leading to the need for bee removal. The queen may find a crack or crevice on the side of a building and move into the hollow wall voids for protection.

The drones will filter in one by one and begin the process of constructing new honeycombs. Bees commonly harbor in block wall voids, in-ground utility boxes, under wood floors of sheds or houses, in different voids of the walls of our structures.

When should you contact an expert for bee removal in Phoenix?

Once a queen has entrenched her brood in or around a property humans occupy, the hive will have to be dealt with by a local bee removal specialist in Phoenix.

The chances of removing the hive are slim or next to none. The only option is to contact an exterminator for bee removal. Anteater Exterminating Inc. bee removal technicians are ready willing and able to take on the unwanted guests and root them out.

Do not ever attempt to exterminate or relocate a hive yourself, it can be a fatal mistake

Bee Control

All bees will attack aggressively when there is any threat to their hive. The drones will release a pheromone that triggers a swarm of aggressively stinging bees.

The drones will attempt to sting your eyes, fly into your mouth, up your nose and sting you on the inside, fly up and inside your clothes stinging you all over. The result would be hundreds or thousands of bee stings in a short period of time.

If you are allergic, your breathing passageways can swell shut.

Remove Bees From Your Property

Anteater Exterminating Inc.’s professional bee removal exterminators in Phoenix wear proper personal protective equipment, have the necessary tools and knowledge needed to exterminate an invading hive of bees, as well as other stinging insects such as wasps and hornets. First, we will attempt to treat the hive through the opening they are using, then we will seal it shut.

If necessary, we will create a larger opening to provide the access needed to get to the hive.

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Do not let a beehive fester.  It will only get worse. If you treat it and you fail, it will become more aggressive. When you have a bee problem call Anteater Exterminating Inc. and we will dispatch well trained, well-equipped pest control professionals quickly for bee removal in Phoenix.

We realize that bee problems are big problems and require a quick response. We usually will be on site and ready to take care of your bee infestation in a few hours.

When the Anteater Exterminating Inc. bee removal professional is done, your problem will be gone and if the bees come back in the same areas Anteater Exterminating Inc. will guarantee re-extermination. Call or contact us today.