Common House Fly

House Fly

Why are there flies in my house?

If you’re dealing with an infestation of flies, you may be wondering what they’re doing in your house. The answer doesn’t lie with the flies you can see, it rests with the eggs you can’t see. Flies are attracted to places they can reproduce. This differs depending on the fly. The end result is the same though, you want to target the areas where flies breed. If you need help identifying these areas the best thing you can do is call in an exterminator from Anteater Exterminating Inc. We will help you identify and eliminate these areas.

What kinds of flies are there in Arizona?

There are a wide variety of fly species in Arizona, and more than 120,000 worldwide. The most common flies we encounter include:

  • House flies
  • Flesh flies
  • Black flies
  • Blow flies
  • Bottle flies
  • Drain flies
  • Hourse flies
  • Filter flies
  • Moth flies
  • Deer flies
  • Vinegar flies
  • Filth flies

Where do flies breed?

There are specific areas where different fly species breed, but many commonalities across fly species. Just some of the areas you’ll want to clean include:

Garage and waste areas: This includes kitchen garbage cans, break-room garbage cans, and outdoor dumpsters and garbage drop-off areas. These are prime breeding grounds for a wide variety of flies and provide them with a ready food source as well. [highlight]Keep garbage away from your building.[/highlight] This can help discourage outdoor flies from coming inside and creating a new home. You may also want to consider airtight garbage cans. Though flies can fit through very small spaces this can discourage them.

Feces and carcasses: You may think this only applies to livestock owners, but you’d be wrong. Homeowners that don’t clean up excrement from pets are inviting flies into their yard. The more waste you allow to build up, the further the smell will carry and the more flies it will attract. The best thing to do is [highlight]regularly clean up after your pet[/highlight] and place waste products into an airtight can. In the event you find any animal carcasses make sure to safely, carefully, and legally dispose of them before they become a breeding ground.
Why are there flies in my house?
Drains and standing water: You’ll want to dry areas of standing water as well as regularly clean drains. This will prevent certain species of fly like the drain fly which specifically breeds in and inhabits drains that have become clogged with hair, fat, skin and other refuse. Keeping a clean environment can actually resolve the vast majority of a fly problem because [highlight]when they have nowhere to breed your property becomes much less attractive[/highlight].

How can I get rid of flies?

Remove breeding areas, keep your home clean, and place fly traps around the areas flies are breeding. The best thing you can do is maintain a clean environment. That will remedy most fly infestations. If you continue to have a fly infestation problem you should contact one of our local fly control exterminators. We can show you where the breeding is occurring, identify what a how you should clean the areas, and help you create a plan to keep flies from coming back again.