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Roof Rat Control
Roof rats are wary animals. You may have found one raiding your pantry, running down the hall in the middle of the night, or just located a nesting site.

Anyone who’s stumbled on a roof rat knows that roof rat control in Avondale can’t happen soon enough. While other rats may be curious, this variety is known for its skittishness and natural suspicion. This can make them very hard to catch, making professional roof rat control a practical necessity.

We provide complete roof rat and pest control services in Avondale at Anteater Exterminating Inc. Our mission is two-fold, we want to eliminate your roof rat problem and help you take the necessary steps to keep roof rats away for good.

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Roof rat control in Avondale may be the solution to your infestation. There are some unique habits that can help you identify these pests.

Though professionals will provide positive identification, there are some indications you should look for.
Roof rat control in Avondale is crucial because roof rats can be more difficult to trap, catch, and bait. With an amplified natural suspicion of their surroundings, improper control methods can make these rats harder to manage.

They live both indoors and outdoors. This included trees, attics, vegetated areas, and bushes. They feed on small insects, pet food, plants, and fruit. If human food is available, they will seek it out. Indoor nests occur in less traveled and inspected areas like attics, rafters, and within walls.

Where do roof rats live?

With proper rodent identification from our roof rat control technicians in Avondale, you can be sure of the species. With many similarities to their Norwegian cousins, there are distinguishing behaviors you can look for. This is especially true when it comes to nesting sites. Exterior locations cover:

  • Within or behind trash piles, woodpiles, stacks of lumber, etc.
  • On raised areas in gardens and inside or around supply sheds.
  • Beneath fence ledges, behind vegetated areas and vines.
  • Inside thickly brushed areas both off and on the ground.
  • In palm trees with large amounts of dead palm fronds.

How do roof rats get in the house?

Roof rats excel at getting into buildings. They find their way in through open areas like vents or structural gaps. Nests are frequently made in the inner structures of buildings, like walls, attics, and rafters. With teeth that never stop growing, these rodents are always chewing.

This can cause them to bite through electrical wires, leading to costly damage for homeowners. When they get into duct systems they leave droppings that can spread bacteria and allergens in your home.

Choose professional treatment for roof rats.

We combat these rodents wherever they are with effective roof rat control in Avondale. Using integrated roof rat management allows our technicians to effectively utilize multiple methods at once.

We’ll thoroughly inspect your property, taking careful notes regarding activity, signs, and movement. Taking note of entry points and contributing factors allows us to help you address them. This can aid in creating an environment that is unfavorable to roof rats and reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Extermination can involve a variety of methods. Every roof rat situation is different. We’ll take every factor into account including pets, children, frequently used areas, and property size.

With vast experience applying treatment methods for effective roof rat control, we’ll ensure your infestation gets targeted treatment.

That means the intelligent application of products. We may treat areas including carports, ceilings, soffits, wall voids, and attics. We can provide maintenance treatments as necessary, but many customers see great results very rapidly.

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