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Roof Rat Control

You may have heard them scurrying at night, caught them raiding your cupboards, or stumbled upon a nesting site. One thing never changes, when we get a call for roof rat and pest control services in Goodyear it can’t happen fast enough.

Roof rats are particularly wary. Their suspicious nature and skittishness can make them more difficult to catch than similar rodent species. That’s why professional roof rat control is crucial.

At Anteater Exterminating Inc. we don’t just eliminate your problem, we help you take the appropriate steps to keep it from reoccurring. If you have a rodent problem, roof rat control in Goodyear may be the answer.

These rats exhibit particular habits that are unique from their primarily ground-dwelling cousins. Professional identification will ensure the correct treatment, but there are some signs you can look for.

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Roof rat control in Goodyear is so necessary because roof rats can be much harder to bait, catch, and trap. Rats are already suspicious animals, but roof rats are even more so. They can quickly become observant of environmental dangers. Roof rats are found in trees, bushes, attics, and vegetated areas.

They feed on fruit, small insects, plants, and pet food. When human food is obtainable, they will feed on it. Nests are frequently created in higher, out of the way areas like the rafters and attics of homes and businesses.

Our roof rat control technicians in Goodyear are trained and experienced in rodent identification. Homeowners may have trouble distinguishing roof rats from Norway rats, but you there are behavioral differences you can look for. Nesting sites for roof rats do crossover with their cousins, but many are unique. Exterior locations include:

  • Behind or within woodpiles, stacks of lumber, trash piles, etc.
  • Anywhere within a supply shed and any raised areas in a garden.
  • Behind vines and cover providing vegetation or beneath the edge of a fence.
  • Inside thick areas of brush on or off the ground.
  • In palm trees that have excessive amounts of dead fronds.

Do roof rats cause damage?

Roof rats are great at discovering ways to get into your home. They’ll frequently get in through vents and structural gaps, finding places to nest that are out of the way. Because they continually need to wear down their teeth, they frequently chew on electrical wires.

This can lead to expensive repairs. They also may inhabit duct systems as well, spreading pathogens and bacteria from droppings throughout your house.

Roof Rat

Get professional roof rat extermination.

Our roof rat control in Goodyear is designed to combat these rodents wherever they hide. Using integrated roof rat management we’ll target them on multiple fronts. Every extermination solution we create is customized to your property, situation, and needs. That means we take into account children, pets, and living areas when treating your property. Methods may include but are not limited to bait, traps, powders, and aerosols.

With experience comes ability, and we’ll carefully inspect your property before beginning treatment. Taking careful notes allows the formulation of a complete treatment plan. We’ll treat any area that may contain roof rats, including ceilings, soffits, carports, attics, and wall voids.

Eliminating your roof rat problem is just the first step. We also identify areas that can lead to roof rat infestations so they can be fixed, and you can prevent the return of roof rats.

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