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Roof Rat Control

Nobody wants an invasive pest in their home, but it can be difficult to keep them out. Knowing how they got in, and how to keep them from returning can be just as important as immediate removal.

One of the worst offenders are roof rats, so when you need roof rat and pest control services in Litchfield Park trust the experts at Anteater Exterminating Inc.

Roof rats are a different species from the primarily ground-dwelling Norway rat. Their nature is much more cautious, and these pests can be incredibly skittish and wary of humans.

This makes roof rat control in Litchfield Park a necessity. As your trusted local roof rat control experts, we’ll eliminate the problem and show you how to prevent a recurrence in the future.

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Professional roof rat control in Litchfield Park is required because roof rats are particularly hard to bait, trap, or catch. They are much warier regarding environmental changes and dangers. Habitats include bushes, vegetated areas, trees, attics, and rafters.

Their outdoor diet consists primarily of fruits, plants, insects, and pet food. When the opportunity is present, they will eat human food, and frequently nest in difficult to reach areas on a property.

Our extermination technicians in Litchfield Park are highly trained. We have experience with rat species both native and non-native to Litchfield Park.

Though they are difficult for amateurs to distinguish on a visual level, a behavioral analysis may help you determine which type you are infested with. Common exterior nesting sites include:

  • Dead or dry palm trees with excessive fronds.
  • In and around thickly brushed areas.
  • Higher ground areas in gardens like statues and supply sheds.
  • Underneath fence ledges and within thickly vined areas.
  • Inside or behind piles of wood, trash, lumber, etc.

We use the latest roof rat control methods.

  1. Inspection – Every visit begins with an inspection. Roof rat control and Norway rat control utilize different methods. Though a method for one can provide limited effectiveness against the other, it’s much more efficient to properly identify the problem first. Our technicians are friendly and personable. They make ask you questions regarding signs you may have seen regarding activity like noises, droppings, sightings and more. We’ll thoroughly inspect your property, cover our determination with you, and recommend treatment options.
  2. Treatment – Roof rat control may involve a number of different pieces. We exercise integrated management techniques that attack roof rats on a number of levels. These are tailored for your property and infestation. For roof rats, we may treat wall voids, attics, ceilings, soffits, carports, and more. These pests can cause damage deep within a structure, and the sooner you get effective roof rat control in Litchfield Park, the better.
  3. Modification – We always follow up with every customer. Roof rats may require multiple treatments. Though we always advise maintenance measures to aid in maintaining roof rat control, we will help you with property modification as well. Removing areas that roof rats like to nest in, securing entry points to the home, and eliminating food sources can all contribute to a long-term, roof rat free home.

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